Avoid Doing These Things Before Bedtime For A Better Nights Sleep

We all want a better nights sleep but we don’t always have the right habits to help us achieve that goal.  We do things that will make falling asleep or getting a good night’s rest more difficult.  Even individuals that do not suffer from insomnia can be affected by falling into the wrong habits before bedtime.

Avoid exercise for five to six hours before bedtime for a better nights sleep.  Exercise is a great thing and we all need it to help our heart and the rest of our body to stay in the best physical shape.  But it is important to not engage in exercise late in the evening or at night.  Everyone varies on this and how deeply it affects them but it is better to exercise in the mornings.  Another benefit of exercising in the morning is it gives you energy for the day ahead.

Another bad habit that people fall into that disrupts their sleep is taking their electronics with them to bed.  You know what I am talking about here; the iPads, iPods, iPhones, kindles and all other things that keep you connected.  You actually need to disconnect so that you can unwind from your day to get a better nights sleep.

Avoid foods and drinks that can prevent you from getting a better nights sleep.  Of course we all know to avoid caffeine but did you know that chocolate or spicy foods can disrupt your sleep as well?  Chocolate actually has caffeine in it and can keep you awake as well as being difficult on your stomach when you eat it before bedtime.  The same thing goes for spicy foods; it is possible they don’t set well with your tummy which can lead to the loss of a better nights sleep yet again.

By carefully watching our habits and tweaking them a bit here and there we will soon find that we can have that better nights sleep we are longing for.



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