5 Daily Habits That are Making You Out of Shape

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Everything you do during the day has some sort of effect on your body and your health. You eat, it affects you. You work out, it affects you. You skip your workout, it affects you. Everything you do affects you, but most of us don’t think about the fact that all our decisions have some sort of impact on how we look and feel about ourselves. We tend to be a culture that believes we are only affected when we do the right thing. We worked out so we feel good. We didn’t work out, so we ignore how we feel. It’s just the way we work and the way we ‘roll’ and it’s wrong. There are so many things we do each and every day that make a big impact in our lives and we don’t even notice what we’re doing to hurt ourselves. So here are a few of the things we’re doing every single day that have a negative effect on the way we live, how we look and how we feel.

Going Low-Fat

You might think that you are making healthy decisions when you go low-fat, but you are not. In fact, you are making terrible dieting decisions and it’s time to put a stop to that. You have to eat healthy food, not low-fat versions filled with unhealthy additives and other things.

Taking the Elevator

The stairs are so much healthier. Okay, if you work on the 80th floor or something a bit ridiculous like that, but taking three or four flights of stairs every single day could be so good for your body. Do it and you’ll be thankful in a few weeks that you started this habit.

Sitting all Day without a Break

We all sit at desks during the day, but do we ever take a break? No, most of us sit until we are done and then we get into the car, sit some more, go home, sit and eat and sit and relax. We have to be active and healthy if we are going to be good, healthy people.

Skipping Breakfast

It’s considered the most important meal of the day for a good reason, and it’s time we learned what that reason is; our health. Skipping breakfast is essentially skipping the healthiest thing you can do for your metabolism and energy level all day long.

Not Sleeping

We need at least 8 solid hours of sleep, and it’s because we need it to function and survive properly. It’s considered good health and a good habit to get this kind of sleep, and it’s time we start doing that more often.

Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Larysa DiDio


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