3 Ways You’re Making Yourself Sick that You Don’t Even Realize

You eat right, you exercise, you wash your hands; so why are you always getting sick? You might be surprised what else might be causing you to feel sick on a pretty regular basis (and no, pregnancy and your weakened immune system during pregnancy aren’t going to be mentioned in this article, even though it’s the bane of my existence at the moment). A few of your everyday habits are causing you to become sick, and they won’t stop until you know what they are and make some changes.

Skipping Breakfast

You’re too pressed for time, you’re not hungry, you forgot…stop it. There is no excuse for missing breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and if you are constantly skipping out on a healthy breakfast, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Your immune system and your metabolism slow down without a healthy breakfast, and this can cause you to become sick.

Too Much Stress and Overreacting

Stress can cause you to feel sick because it can take over your life. You know this. However, the way in which you handle stress can also cause you to become sick. If you’re prone to overreacting, chemicals in your body weaken your immune system and make it harder for you to fight illness. Practice calming down and handling things in stride; the more you overreact, the sicker you’ll get.

Not Knowing Where the Germs Are

You use a towel on public door handles, you hover over public toilet seats and you never touch handrails in public (or you wash, wash, wash like crazy if you do), so why don’t you feel better? The truth is, some of these places have fewer germs than your cell phone, home phone, remote control, iPad and other electronic devices. It’s pretty gross to realize you’re exposed to more germs when you put your phone to your face than you are by sitting on a public toilet seat.


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