3 Ways to Deal With Anger: Before You Need Anger Management

It isn’t fun to witness anyone as they are overcome with anger or rage. In fact, it’s downright scary sometimes. Unfortunately, some people just have some major anger problems and there doesn’t seem to be anything that people can do to tame those anger issues. If you, or someone you know, is prone to fits of anger, you can help control those fits by keeping this advice in mind.


If you know what triggers your anger or your loved ones anger, try to avoid those triggers. For example, if you become angry when people cut you off in rush hour traffic, perhaps you can avoid driving in that kind of traffic. Additionally, if you get mad when you go to the movie theater and there are a bunch of teens in there making noise, try going in the middle of the week or on a Sunday afternoon when they’re not as likely to be there.

Cool Down

Do not confront anyone or allow yourself to be confronted in the midst of an angry spell. Encourage the person you love – or yourself, if you are the angry one – to take a few minutes to calm down before returning to talk through the situation like a couple of rational adults. This helps prevent things from being said that will likely be regretted later.

Practice Emotional Ownership

If you are an angry person, understand that you are the only person able to control your anger and that you have to own your emotions. Additionally, try to help your angry loved one understand the same thing if you are dealing with his or her anger. The problem in question isn’t what you might think it is; the problem is the anger and that is what is causing people to become upset and fly off the handle.


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