3 Potential Reaons You’re So Tired All The Time

Feeling tired isn’t exactly a mystery feeling. For the most part, we’re all tired all the time. It’s like we cannot get enough sleep or rest to feel like the human beings we are no matter how hard we try. While your feelings of tiredness might be a result of getting up too early, staying up too late, or taking on too much in the past few days, sometimes it’s more than that. Here are three reasons you might be overly tired that might surprise you.

Low-Calorie Diets

If you are engaging in a low-calorie diet as a way of losing weight and staying fit, you might feel tired all the time. The fewer calories you consume, the slower your metabolism becomes. The slower your metabolism, the slower your body functions. When this happens, your body begins to feel tired and overwhelmed. You need to consume around 1200 calories per day.


Even if you’re not “old enough” to experience menopause, it doesn’t mean you’re not. Of course, chances are very slim that you are unless you’re of a certain age, but even those who are a few years younger go through the change early. It’s not uncommon to feel unnaturally tired and overwhelmed when you go through menopause. It might be something you want to check out with your health care professional.


It might sound pretty farfetched, but your allergies can actually make you feel very tired. To find out if your allergies are contributing to your fatigue, make a list of what you’re allergic to and a list of things that you think might be contributing to your overall feelings of tiredness. Sometimes you might be surprised what has you feeling sleepy, but it could be something your doctor can help you fight with medication or allergy pills.


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