15 Ways to Live Your Healthiest Life and Your Happiest Life


Being healthy is about more than being fit and thin and looking fabulous in a mini. Being healthy is about feeling good, which is why knowing what to do when something feels off is one of the most useful pieces of information you could possibly have. From learning how to ward off headaches to preventing illness before it strikes, learning what to do and when to do it can have you on the road to optimal health in next to no time.


Bye-Bye Headache

Few things in life are as irritating as a pounding headache, but the second you feel the pain begin you can begin warding off that problem. Most headaches are the cause of dehydration – much to the surprise of every hungover college co-ed on the planet. Once the pain starts, start drinking. No, not a glass of wine or a beer; grab a glass of water in one hand and coffee in the other. Caffeine is known to ward off headaches and water helps with hydration.


Fighting a Cold Before It Happens

Everyone experiences that day when you wake up and just feel like blah. You know you’re coming down with something but you feel powerless to stop it. Fortunately for you, the best cure for your not-quite cold is nine solid hours of sleep. Sleep is a stress reliever, and stress relievers help strengthen the immune system, which will help your body fight off this unwanted illness.


Me Time

Believe it or not, me time is especially important for your health. Not only does it relieve stress, it also helps you feel happier, less anxious and it helps you beat the burnout you might otherwise feel thanks to your heavy schedule. Try to schedule at least one day a week that’s yours alone to do what you please. If you simply don’t have that kind of time for yourself (moms come to mind) try to schedule just a few hours each week to unwind with a book or a glass of wine or a long walk. People who lead the healthiest lives take plenty of time to focus on their own “Me”.

Woman Meditating


Meditation might turn some people off in theory, but spending five minutes in a quiet room with natural light, closing your eyes and focusing on a serene word or scene will help you relax, lower your stress and feel refreshed. The people with the healthiest lives spend at least five minutes per day meditating.


There’s an App for That

Seriously, you can while away your time playing games on your phone to help you live a healthy life. Sure, technology is replacing real communication and the brightness of your screens is causing you to sleep less, but spending a few minutes each day playing games such as Words with Friends or Scrabble can help boost your brain power. Who knew there was an app for that?


Workout With Everyone

It may seem like a great idea to get a workout buddy, but things can get boring really quickly if you have the same one all the time. Make it a habit to work out regularly, at least two and a half hours per week, but make it fun and interesting by changing up your workout partners regularly. Take a walk with your husband, meet your bestie at the gym or hit up yoga class with one of the other moms from your kids’ school.


Eat Breakfast

No, skipping breakfast does not make you skinnier. It actually makes you hungrier throughout the day. Something healthy, such as oatmeal and fruit will fill you up, keep you fuller longer and help you avoid cravings the rest of the day. Give your metabolism a kick in the you-know-what by fueling up first thing.



Your idea of those who live the healthiest lives might include people who don’t suffer from PMS; no cramps, no backaches and no pity parties, and you’re probably right. The healthiest people in the world exercise their cramps and PMS away. You may not feel like moving, but you’ll feel a lot better once you go for a run, take a walk, swim a few laps or just ride your bike around the park.


Do Something Nice Every Day

This may sound simple because it is simple. The happiest, healthiest people are the ones who fulfill their lives in every aspect, including helping others. You don’t have to rush out and start volunteering all your free time at the soup kitchen. You can do something small, as long as you do something every day. Let someone out in traffic, say something nice to a stranger or pay for coffee for the woman behind you in line.


Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

It may not sound like a healthy lifestyle tip, but going outside your comfort zone from time to time can do a lot for your health. It gets your heart racing, introduces you to new experiences and helps you become a worldly and experienced person. It’s healthy to overcome a fear from time to time.


Get Rid of Your Bad Attitude

The thing about a bad mood or attitude is that it doesn’t last and it doesn’t accomplish anything, which leads me to wonder why we even bother with one in the first place? A bad attitude is a waste of time. It’s like a flat tire that won’t get you anywhere but it has to be dealt with. Deal with it and learn how much healthier and happier you feel without it.


Replace Negative Thoughts

It’s not easy to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones all the time, but practice makes perfect. After all, it was practice that taught you how to get two small kids and your husband dressed, cleaned up and out the door in 15 minutes flat – and if you were born with that ability, the rest of us hate you.


Put A Note on It

One positive thought first thing in the morning has the power to transform your entire day. For that reason, you should put a note somewhere you will see it right away, on your night stand or your bathroom mirror. It can say anything you want, such as what a great life you lead or to take time to look at the sunrise and be thankful. Whatever it is, make it positive.


Be Kind

It’s tempting to gossip about your friends or coworkers with other friends and coworkers, but it says more about you than it does about them. Feel like a good person and life a healthy, happy life by saying only kind words about others, no matter how hard it is at first. You’ll feel better about yourself and others will view you in a different light when you do this.


Change Your Habits

You can’t live a happier, healthier life if you continue to do what you’ve always done. Pick one small thing and change it, one step at a time. Make a list and start making changes. If you think your confidence level will rise if you stop biting your nails, make it a priority to stop. You can do this, because you are amazing!


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