15 Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety In Your Life


Anxiety can be terrible for your health. While experiencing a little anxiety is perfectly normal at some point in your life, it’s not something you have to let take over. The more anxiety you feel, the more stress you experience. The mores stress you experience, the more you damage your health. Stress causes health problems such as lowering your immune system and causing signs of early aging. Read on for 15 ways you can lower anxiety now.


Take a Deep Breath

Sometimes the best way to beat anxiety, or at least manage it, is to just take a deep breath and continue on about your business. Breathing can lower your levels of stress and anxiety and give you a few seconds to put things into perspective.


Picture Something Positive

So you’re facing a little anxiety at work this week. Visualize the positivity of your next vacation and the way you will feel helping your kids build sand castles and collect seashells.


Plan in Advance

If you know a certain event or situation gives you anxiety, plan for that in advance. Practice ways to deal and things you can do in advance to help you feel less anxiety when the time comes.

Stressed Young Woman

Go Ahead and Worry

Sometimes you have to give yourself a little time to worry about what’s going on. You can do that by setting a time frame. You will worry about your anxiety for 15 minutes today and then you aren’t going to give it a second thought for the rest of the day.



Turn off the television, the radio, the computer, your phone, and the rest of the world. Sometimes a few minutes of complete silence can help you overcome anything you have to feel anxious about.


Be a Kid

Get outside and play a game of hide and seek with the kids. Go swimming or play basketball or build a fort in the living room without worrying about all the blankets you’ll have to fold later. Being a kid again can help you overcome anxiety.



Sometimes life is stressful. Create a board that you can pull out anytime you feel anxious to help you deal. It can be a board with photos of all the things you’ll do, have, and experience in the future thanks to the hard work giving you anxiety today, or it can be a board with photos of all the good things in your life to serve as a reminder that anxiety or not, life is good.


Eat a Healthy Diet

Just eating right can help ease stress and anxiety. You’ll feel better about yourself and your body will be healthier.



A mere 20 to 30 minutes of exercise each day can do wonders to help ease anxiety. The feel-good endorphins your body produces will help you feel good about yourself as well as improve your mood.


Be Grateful

Just say thank you for the things that you do have. When you take the time to appreciate the good in life, it makes the bad seem so much less awful.


Clear Out Your Brain

Write it down. As you write, the problems in your brain translate on to paper. This helps you clear your mind and ease your anxiety.



Research shows that forcing yourself to smile even when you don’t mean it can help you feel so much better about yourself. Eventually, your smile will become real.



A solid eight hours of sleep each night is all you need to help you feel better. You’ll appreciate the fact that feeling rested eases your anxiety and your life issues.


Talk About It

Call your mom or talk to your husband. Sometimes they can put things into the kind of perspective you need from the outside looking in. If they can’t do that, they can at least give you a shoulder to cry on.


Take a Walk

Not only is a walk considered exercise, which increases your mood and lowers stress, it also gives you the opportunity to use nature to your advantage. You can smell the flowers, enjoy the beauty of nature, and unwind.


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