15 Easy Ways to Get Fit, Thin and Healthy

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Everyone wants to be thin, fit and healthy (well, most of us do). Unfortunately, it can seem like a lot of work and not a lot of fun. While I firmly believe that the best way to stay thin, fit and healthy is to eat right, indulge in moderation and get plenty of exercise, some people think that’s a bit too much. Read on to find out how you can get thin with these 15 lazy health tips.

Fruits and vegetables


Don’t say no to anything you love. The more you deprive yourself, the more you’re going to binge later on. Just eat the oreo. JUST eat THE oreo. Note I did not advise you to eat the entire bag of oreos.


Put Down the Fork

It’s not rude to stop eating when you’re full. Put down your fork when your body tells you that you’ve had enough to eat. You’ll eat fewer calories this way.


Half and Half

It’s a lot easier to stay thin and fit and healthy if half of every plate you eat is covered in vegetables. The more colorful the better. Remember – half of your plate should be veggies.


Think Small

When you order something at a restaurant, always order the small portion or the lunch portion or whichever portion isn’t the size of your car. It’s probably closer to the actual recommended portion size, anyway.


Get Rid of Things

If you are like me and you have zero willpower when it comes to snack foods in the house, just don’t buy them. I’m going to eat the chips if they’re in my pantry. I know this. I’m not ashamed to admit this. I just don’t buy them.


Order the Soup and/or Salad

Unless you’re ordering one that’s so unhealthy you might as well dine on a bag or two of oreos, starting with the soup or salad when you’re out is a good way to fill yourself up on healthy calories before that plate of fries is put down in front of you. You’ll eat a lot less of the unhealthy stuff if you fill up first.

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No Bread

It’s hard. It’s so, so, so hard to say no thank you to the bread, but you have to do it. Don’t let that waiter put it down on your table. And do NOT allow him to put a second basket on the table.


Leave a Quarter

No, not your money; your food. When dining out, it’s a lot healthier to leave at least a quarter of the food on your plate when you finish eating. Restaurant portion sizes are so ridiculously oversized to begin with that it makes this a great way to watch what you eat.



Not wine. Not rum. Water. Drink water. You need it to stay hydrated. Additionally, when you drink plenty of water throughout the day, you’re more likely to stay fuller longer.


Eat at the Table

It’s really easy to eat too much when you’re mindlessly munching. Stop eating in front of the television and revisit that age-old trend where people (gasp!) actually sit down together at the dining room table, enjoy a meal and talk about their days.



Cut up an apple or indulge in a bowl of crisp carrots before you leave the house to head to any sort of party. The fuller you are when you get there, the less likely you’ll be to munch on those unhealthy party snacks.


Liquid Calories

You might eat really well, but if you drink your body weight in calories you’re not doing yourself any favors. Say no to that second glass of wine and definitely say no to those really caloric mixed cocktails. If you like pina coladas – well, that’s too bad. They have too many calories.


Say No to the White Stuff

Forgo your usual white bread for something much better for you, such as wheat. Do the same with your pasta and you’ll find yourself feeling and looking a lot better without any effort.


Don’t Skip Breakfast

You’ve heard that it’s the most important meal of the day, and it’s the truth. Do not skip breakfast. It’s the worst thing you can do for your body throughout the day.


Be Active

You have to exercise if you want to be thin, fit and healthy. You have to do something.  You can be lazy about it, though. You can get exercise while swimming, while taking a walk, while dancing with your friends. You don’t have to join a gym and make it feel like you’re exercising.


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