12 Healthy Foods that Fight More than Just Fat


A magic potion or the wave of a magic wand that results in a tighter tummy and a better shape is what women really want – along with the ability to keep your dream figure while eating nothing but Girl Scout cookies and greasy fries. Since that’s not going to happen any time soon, women have to rely on the tried a true method of eating right and working out to maintain a great body and a healthy life. To pave the road to health and happiness is this list of 12 super healthy foods you need to incorporate into your daily diet, stat.


Greek Yogurt

Greek, American…why single out the Greeks when it comes to yogurt? The answer is simple: Greek yogurt has 50 percent more protein than other types of yogurt. Did we mention it’s also a rich source of calcium and immune-boosting bacteria, which never fails to sound disgusting but is actually really healthy?



It’s not great for your breath – or the love life that comes along with close contact – but who cares about that when you realize that eating garlic on a regular basis will reduce your chance of being diagnosed with colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer and a number of other cancers. Eat garlic at the majority of your meals and you’ll also be less likely to come down with the cold your little one brought home from school – for the second time this month.

Porridge with berries (1)


Before you turn up your nose while thoughts of cold childhood breakfasts fill your memory with disgust, give oatmeal a chance. Oatmeal is one of the best healthy foods because it is rich in fiber and a mere half cup everyday – which you can mix with fruit and other delicious extras – can significantly lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes.




You won’t look like – or sound like – Popeye when you eat too much spinach (not that that’s a bad thing) but this is one food with serious health benefits. Want to live a long, healthy life devoid of heart attacks caused by cholesterol buildup around your heart? Eat some spinach. Just make sure you don’t leave the table with any left in your teeth.



Hearing the words, “fatty acids” may not inspire your taste buds, but the omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon that lower your risk of heart disease, increase weight loss and smooth your skin will certainly inspire you to put salmon on the menu this week. This fish is one healthy food you can easily get onboard with.


Olive Oil

Perhaps the most delicious extra you can include on anything (and my family certainly does) helps lower your bad cholesterol while raising your good cholesterol. This is amazing news. Skip the butter and dip your dinner bread in extra virgin olive oil, sauté your meals and drizzle it over your roasted vegetables to get healthy.



One egg yolk contains 25 percent of your daily dose of choline, a nutrient that helps lower your risk of breast cancer. If that’s not reason enough to start eating more of these – and not the raw ones in your favorite cookie dough – I don’t know what is.



Fight heart disease, among other unhealthy habits, with edamame. Some say it also helps with hot flashes and other minor ailments, and while those are not proven facts, you can try it for that or you can try it to get healthy.



Want to include healthy foods in your diet that protect your body against just about any disease there is? Then broccoli is the vegetable for you. Just four servings per week is enough to protect you from, well, you name it. Roast it with a little olive oil and toss some edamame in for good measure and you might as well call yourself super woman.



Kidney, pinto, lima, it doesn’t matter. Beans have, well, just about everything you could possibly want in terms of nutrients. Just buy some and eat three cups per week to make yourself healthier, better looking and to lower your risk of, well, just about everything – including breast and colon cancer, heart disease and diabetes.



Skip the mayonnaise and replace it with avocado. Not only is it delicious, it’s healthy too. This healthy snack can decrease your risk of macular degeneration, which causes blindness, and it protects the heart. Heart protection is always welcome – even if avocado won’t protect you against mama’s boys and “entrepreneurs” (aka jobless moochers).



Forgo the sugar-laden already packaged pasta sauce and make yourself some tomatoes, seasoned generously and baked until delicious. Not only will you find your new favorite dinner side, you’ll also save yourself the trouble of dealing with pesky health problems later in life, such as breast cancer and heart disease.


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