10 Things You Must Do To Protect Your Skin this Winter


Many people mistake winter for a time of year in which they can kind of ignore their skin and forgo their skincare routine. This is simply not the case. Winter is one of the harshest times of the year for skin because of the dry air and the sheer cold. There are a number of skincare mistakes men and women make this time of year because they believe they know how to protect their skin from damage and from harm, but they’re actually on the wrong path and doing far more damage to their skin than good. If you’re one of those people, or if you simply are not sure how you can protect your skin during the winter and want to make sure you’re making good skincare decisions, let us help. We have consulted the experts and taken copious notes so that we can come back to you and tell you how to get your gorgeous on even when you feel that you’re too covered up for it to matter. Here’s the deal; winter might not be the best time for your skin, but summer is quickly approaching and what you do to your body now will have an impact on how you feel and look come sundress and bikini season. So, take our advice and make sure you are doing these 10 things throughout the winter to protect your skin.

Drink Plenty of Water

Why is it that I feel I’m telling you to do this all the time? If you aren’t drinking water, you’re not taking care of yourself. And we don’t mean you need to drink a glass or two or a bottle every day. We mean you need to drink a lot of water. It’s the best thing you can do for your skin and your overall health. It’s going to make you glow and make your skin look and feel amazing.

Use Sunscreen

Just because you’re not outside with your face up toward the sun enjoying the simple life doesn’t mean that your skin isn’t being damaged by UV rays the sun transmits. The sun is the sun, and it’s not the weather or your location that causes your skin to become damaged from the sun; it’s the sun. So go ahead and just sit down, enjoy your day and wear sunscreen.


You cannot forget to moisturize in the winter. Our advice is to do it as soon as you get out of the shower while your pores are opened up a bit more. Lather on the moisturizing lotion from head to toe. Your skin is so prone to become dry in the winter; don’t let it happen.

Get a Humidifier

The air is dry and it’s taking a toll on your skin and hair. Get a humidifier in your home and sleep with it on. The little bit of humidity in the air is not only going to make it easier for you to breathe at night, but it’s also going to make it possible for your skin and hair to get more moisture and look better.


You need to exfoliate during the winter to rid your body of dead skin cells. Just because you’re all covered up all the time doesn’t mean you get to skip this step. However, it also doesn’t mean you need to do this every single day. In fact, it’s far better to exfoliate once a week than too often. Doing this too often will damage your skin even more.

Wash Your Face before Bed

Wearing makeup to bed is not something you can suddenly start doing just because it’s winter. It’s bad for you. It’s so bad for you. Your skin and your eyes will suffer from this, and there are few things in life that make you more miserable than a breakout, so skip the makeup to bed routine and get to washing your face with something mild.

Use Lip Balm

Maybe you don’t consider your lips your skin, but that’s exactly what they are. You need to use lip balm to prevent drying and cracking, and to add moisture to your lips. You will thank yourself for this on a regular basis provided you actually do it every day. It’s going to protect your lips and make them feel soothed and much better than they do now.

Pat; Don’t Rub

Towel drying after a shower is something we all do, but did you know that skin experts believe it’s far more beneficial to pat yourself down than it is to dry off in a rubbing motion? Well, it is. So go ahead and stop rubbing yourself and start patting. Your skin will thank you for it later. Actually, your skin will thank you for it sooner rather than later.

Take Shorter Showers

Long, hot showers are so nice when the weather is cold. But they’re very bad for your skin. The same goes for the bath. It dries out your skin and makes it so hard to moisturize. Go ahead and shower as often as you need – we aren’t trying to tell you to skip that daily habit – but make sure you are showering as quickly as possible. And even though it’s tempting, don’t turn the heat up full blast in the shower or you could actually burn your skin and cause more damage than you can see from the outside looking in.

Stop Using Hand Sanitizer

This is difficult. Hand sanitizer feels like such a necessity in a world filled with germs during the germiest time of the year; flu season. But hand sanitizer is drying you out and making you miserable. Instead, let me recommend that you replace your hand sanitizer with some wet wipes or baby wipes or something of that nature. Not only is the smell far more pleasant, the cleanliness provided is also going to make you feel just a little bit cleaner, and a lot less dry. You’re going to be glad you took this advice when you see how much nicer the backs of your hand appear.

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