10 Fitness Pros and Wellness Gurus You Should Be Following


People view their lives in a way that we don’t always understand. We can literally have it all; great careers, happy marriages, beautiful children, wonderful feelings of happiness and excitement and plenty of money in the bank. We can have it all – really, all of it – and still find a reason to be unhappy. Perhaps we are unhappy with our bodies and the way we look. Or maybe we love our body and we work hard to make it look good, but we aren’t happy with ourselves for other reasons. There is so much more to life than what you see on the outside and that is made clear by the fact that so many people who seem to have it all really feel as if they don’t. If you’re not taking care of yourself on the inside just as you are on the outside, you’ll never feel fulfilled or happy. That’s why fitness gurus and motivational speakers and wellness experts believe that you should take into consideration the fact that all of their services are needed in life. It’s not just one or the other; it’s all of them. You have to focus as much energy on the inside as you do on the out or you will never find peace and happiness with yourself and in your life. If you’re looking for all three, or just a few, we have a few great professionals you should follow online to get the help you need.

Greg O’Gallagher

Not only is he easy on the eyes, he’s got some killer tips to help you gain the kind of body you have always wanted. His approach is intense, but it can be tailored for beginners. He’s very good at the proportionate side of things, and he’s going to help you become the best of the best as far as loving your body and your physique.

Tim Berzins

Who doesn’t love a fitness professional who can show you how to look like your favorite celebrity without actually making you look awful? His job is to figure out which celeb body you love most and then create a custom workout that will help you turn this dream into a reality for your own body. This is a skill to be envied.

Nia Shanks

A wellness guru and athlete, Nia Shanks makes it her goal to teach women that they can lift weights and still be sexy. She likes to ensure that good health is always first and foremost, followed by the thought that looking good can be accomplished through the ease of lifting and being strong. She’s not an extreme dieter or anything of that nature, and she likes to promote exercise.

Kelly Starrett

He’s a doctor of physical therapy and he is going to make your life a lot more enjoyable. He is known for diagnosing injuries and ailments and helping his clients and his friends find a way to work out and cure themselves of their issues. He is someone who you should get to know whether you visit his office or look him up online so that you can see just how well he can help you should you find yourself in need of a fitness guru/medical professional.

Andy Morgan

He has made it clear throughout the course of his career that he dislikes the way the exercise and diet industry makes people feel and how they work. His mission is to help people in a way that they can easily understand and adhere to, making it simple and enjoyable to get fit and healthy. He’s not into extremes or fads, which is something we consider nice in a world full of fads and ideas that work for a minute and then go away in about a second and a half.

Neghar Fonooni

Neghar Fonooni’s motto in life is that happiness is going to make you healthier. She finds a way to teach her followers how to look and feel good both inside and out. She encourages finding a happy place, making your exercise and diet something you look forward to, and she promotes well-being first and foremost. Her passionate belief is that no one will ever become healthy and fit if they do not take care of their mind and soul as well as their body.

Jen Sinkler

She’s not someone who makes false promises. This wellness guru and fitness expert is going to help you lose weight and get fit the responsible way. She’s going to show you how to work out and how to eat right so that you can be the best version of yourself.

Precision Nutrition

This is a blog that really makes it obvious that the importance of good nutrition is what it takes to live a healthy life. It’s the people here that will help you understand how to cultivate good habits and good eating plans, and they will encourage you throughout your journey. This is where you go when you need to know how to eat, how to create habits and how to make sure you are getting what you need to create a meal plan that works for you.

Ben Bruno

If you’re tired of doing the same old thing each time you work out, this is the guy to get to know. He is famous for making up exercise routines that no one has ever seen before and that change lives. His routines are challenging and sometimes complicated, personalized for you and they are interesting. You’re certainly not going to get bored working out the way that he creates his workouts for you.

Sohee Lee

She took a life of sadness and built a life of health. She lived with an eating disorder growing up, but she’s managed to take that disorder and turn it into a health passion. She’s here to teach you how to work out and what to eat so that you are happy with your body and your mind, and so that you aren’t looking to turn to alternative means to get what you want.

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