The 10 Best Yoga Poses for Stress Relief


Stress is miserable, but that really goes without saying, don’t you think? It’s not fun to feel stress or to feel overwhelmed, or to feel as if your life is being turned upside down by things that are out of your control. For the most part, our stress is often self-induced. We worry about things that are far beyond our control, that will never happen and that aren’t really as bad as they actually seem. Based on the work history of anaheim rehab center, they explain that our stress and anxiety takes a situation and turns it into a thing, and that causes even more stress. Our goal in life is to avoid stress as a whole, but we can’t do that. We are a species of worriers and stressed out people, and we do it to ourselves. We take on too much. We do too much. We avoid doing things we should be doing by making it a point to procrastinate. We don’t take time for ourselves. We don’t sit. We don’t relax. We don’t really do anything for ourselves that we should do, but we do a lot of things to ourselves we should avoid doing. When it comes to drug addiction, the experts from drug rehab in naples can help. In short, we create the stress in our lives. But I have a suggestion that will absolute beat the stress in your life and leave you feeling good. Did I mention that it’s also exercise and that it will improve your body, your mind, your soul and boost your confidence level by about a million percent (I could have exaggerated that percentage, so please don’t quote me on that one)? It’s called yoga. It’s amazing, it’s peaceful and it’s hardcore. It will get rid of your stress, particularly if you choose to incorporate these 10 amazing poses into your practice. Go ahead and try it and then tell me how right I am.

toe squat

Toe Squat

This is a move that involves sitting on your feet with your back straight and your spine stretched as far as it will go. The move is one that will make you feel very good about your life and about your abilities, which is something we really appreciate. Stretch out the arches of your feet as you sit here and hold the pose for a solid minute.


The Warrior Pose

This is one that allows you to stretch so many of your muscles, which is really what it takes to feel good. You can stretch your neck and back, your legs and your arms. When you hold this pose for a solid minute you will be able to beat the stress in your life and feel good all over again.

forward bend

Standing Forward Bend

This is one of the simplest but most difficult poses. It doesn’t require you contort your body, but it’s not something most people are flexible enough to do on their own. You’re going to want to use this pose to get rid of stress by stretching out your legs and back, and by holding onto the pose for a solid minute. It will really help relieve some tension and stress.

downward dog

Downward Dog

The downward dog is a pose that is so good for you. It is going to stretch all the most pertinent muscles in your back and legs and make you feel confident in your abilities. You will feel so much more relaxed when you finish with this pose after one minute because of the fact that you are able to feel the stress practically melt right out of your body.

childs pose

Child’s Pose

When you utilize this pose, you will feel two remarkable benefits. Not only will you be able to get rid of your stress, you will also cure headaches. This is a pose so good for getting rid of head pain by reducing stress from your neck and back and causing you to breathe deeply while highly focused on the task at hand.

half bound ankle

Half Bound Ankle Pose

This feels so much like a stretch that you won’t even realize you are doing yoga. In fact, those who practice are going to understand this completely. The way in which you stretch your back and neck muscles, in accordance with your leg muscles, forces you to breathe very deeply. When you breathe this way, you are forced to relax and feel good about your stress levels.



This requires a great deal of concentration, which is how I relieves so much of your stress. It’s almost impossible to think about anything other than what you are doing and how you are breathing when you are in the midst of this pose, and that’s what makes it one of those poses that relieves so much stress. It’s distracting and engaging at the same time.

pigeon pose

Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose requires your full concentration. You will feel your muscles working hard to hold this pose for one minute, which forces you to think about your breathing so that you can control it in a way that works well for you. It will help you feel good about what you’re doing and it will lower your stress level significantly.


Low Lunge

This is a lunge that works several muscle groups at a time, which can help you get rid of your stress. It’s a simple pose that really does a lot for your body, and it will help you control your breathing and focus on that rather than your problems. It’s impossible to feel stress when you are letting go of things that are not meaningful to you and focusing on things that are meaningful to you.

head to knee

Head to Knee

This is something that will really help you to relax. Since we don’t spend nearly enough time in life relaxing, this pose is going to help you relieve stress by promoting relaxation and deep breathing. The more you concentrate on the act of inhaling one breath and exhaling another, the more you will lose focus on your stress. It will release positive hormones into your body and eliminate those that cause and facilitate feelings of displeasure, stress and anxiety.

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