10 Worst States for Single Dads

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Single dads don’t often get a lot of credit when it comes to raising their children, but in some states, the deck is stacked against them. Raising a child on your own isn’t easy for a man or a woman, but incentives that exist for women aren’t always there for men.

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In a progressive world, one would expect that men might find more support and understanding in various communities. Unfortunately, the stigmas that society has applied to single parents can affect single dads in a much more profound manner.

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It sounds like a horrible stereotype, but single dads are still subjected to the idea of ‘being a man’ in several ways. In a state where male bravado is still on full display more often, it’s not tough to think that single dads find it tough at times to lead an easy life while taking care of their responsibilities.

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Amazingly, men don’t always get paid family leave when it’s needed. Sure, there’s PTO and sick leave, but unlike women, many fathers don’t get family leave after a birth. It’s not entirely fair, but that’s life.

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It does happen that many people still believe that men don’t make the best single parents. The stereotype is one that a lot of people still don’t know much about but are willing to bet is far less beneficial than single motherhood is to a child.

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One thing to note, and not enough people do, is that when it comes to single parents, many states favor women over men in a big way. Some call this anecdotal, and it is, but it’s just as factual when looking at court cases.

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New York

Do men have support groups as single parents? Sure they do. Are they as effective? Unfortunately, not nearly as much as support groups for women.

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Without the necessary support, many single parents find it difficult, if not impossible, to raise a family on their own. There are plenty of state resources that are meant to help these people, but sadly, dads get the short end far too often.

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West Virginia

Sometimes it’s religious beliefs, other times it’s the stigma that says men are the providers and can’t understand child-rearing well enough. Whatever it is, single men with children aren’t always thought of as great parents when they’re on their own.

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North Dakota

What’s truly unfortunate is that one big reason why fathers are not thought of as great single parents is that too many men are absent in their children’s lives. This unfortunate decision makes it tougher for men who stick around to be taken seriously.

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Single fathers are not the norm, that much is true. But single fathers still deserve a great deal of respect for taking on the same role that many women have endured for generations.


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