15 Ways Emotionally Secure People Handle Difficult People

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The foundational aspect of mental well being is emotional security. The ability to remain anchored to their inner stability despite changes in their relationships with people around them is what emotionally secure people do. Let’s look at 15 ways emotionally secure people handle difficult people.

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Staying Calm

It is difficult to rattle emotionally secure people. They remain calm and composed in most difficult situations. They do not provoke and neither do they get provoked easily. In fact, their calm demeanor and presence often helps to de-escalate a situation. You will rarely see them creating or engaging in any conflicts.

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Maintaining Boundaries

Emotionally secure people understand their boundaries. They do not allow difficult people to break that boundary with them. You can say that emotionally secure people are good at keeping difficult people at a distance. They are a champion in setting clear boundaries with them, for their own well-being.

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Assertive Communication

It is a myth that emotionally secure people are passive personalities. When faced with an unpleasant situation, they practice well intentioned assertiveness to communicate their concerns without appearing rude or confrontational or aggressive. They handle difficult people assertively.

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Practicing Empathy

Emotionally secure people are often the ones who are expert in putting themselves in the other’s shoes to understand their feelings and perspective. They do not take rash decisions or act out of bias. Their empathic nature helps to defuse tensions with difficult people.

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Being Solution Oriented

Emotionally secure people handle difficult people and situations by focusing on the solution, instead of dwelling on the problem. Since they are good communicators, their intention is always towards finding a constructive solution to an existing problem. They do not assign blame and neither do they engage in dragging names through the mud.

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Choosing Conflicts

You will never see emotionally secure people engaging in all kinds of conflicts and disagreements. They prioritize their self and mental health, and they want to engage their energy in a productive way. Sometimes they handle difficult people by not engaging with them at all.

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Maintaining Perspective

Emotionally secure people do not take the behavior of other people personally. They understand that how people conduct themselves is an indication of their own insecurities and the perception they have about themselves. This is why they always maintain an unbiased perspective while handling difficult people.


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Setting Realistic Expectations

Emotionally secure people understand human nature. They are practical and grounded. They understand that difficult people have their own motivations for their behavior and that it cannot change over night. Emotionally secure people have balanced and realistic expectations from people.

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Practicing Self-Care

Sometimes it can get emotionally taxing even for emotionally secure people. This is why they spend time in self-care activities such as exercise and meditation, and with their close friends and families. This helps them to build and maintain emotional resilience while handling difficult people.

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Emotionally secure people do not hold on to grudges. It is not easy but they practice this actively. They understand that holding on to resentment and grudges will only harm themselves. It will give difficult people a hold over emotionally secure people if they hold on to grudges and resentments.

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Seeking Support

Emotionally secure people find it easy to seek help and advice from trusted people when they are dealing with difficult people. They believe in their tribe and do not shy away from seeking and giving support when required. They believe in seeking counsel from experienced people.

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Leading By Example

Emotionally secure people believe in leading by example. They are often the true leaders in their personal and professional spaces. They display compassionate and dignified behavior even when facing hostilities from difficult people. They realise that they are always in control of their self, and act from that core belief.

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Practicing Self Reflection

You will see that emotionally secure people often love to spend time with themselves. They believe in analyzing and reflecting over their own behavior when faced with challenging situations. This enables them to grow their personality. You can say that by handling difficult people, they are able to improve themselves.

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Communicating With Patience

Emotionally secure people are effective communicators. They display a lot of patience when dealing with difficult people. They do not display passive aggressive behavior and they do not believe in manipulating people. They express their thoughts and feelings quite clearly and concisely, leaving little room for misunderstanding.

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Observing Behavior

Emotionally secure people have excellent observation skills. It is hard to pull wool over their eyes. Rarely any situation or circumstance escapes them. They can fairly ascertain if certain people can become difficult to deal with in the future by interacting with them a few times.


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