30 Uses For Lemon We Wish We Knew Sooner

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The lemon. This strong little fruit packs real energy in drinks, sauces, and when sprinkled on food. It is very rich in vitamin C among other various minerals and vitamins. We usually don’t recognize the importance of this fruit as we only end up buying many of them for eating, but there are many other ways to put lemons to good use. The citric acid is naturally found in a lemon and is very good in cleaning as it is not that abrasive, and it leaves back a wonderful scent. The citric acid has many beautifying ingredients, and some few other great surprise ones such as the invisible ink! In this article, I have discussed some of the best uses for lemons. It took a lot research and hard work before narrowing down to the list, but I am sure these tips will be of help to you and your friends at home.

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Cleaning of Bathroom Items Made From Chrome

Citric acid found in lemons is good in cleaning bathroom items made from chrome. Such items include: toilet roll & brush holder, chrome towel bar, chrome lotion bottle, chrome mounted soap dispenser, chrome soap dish and holder, chrome toilet brush holder, chrome toilet holder etc. You do this by cutting the lemon in two halves, after you’re done, scrub the cut half on the item’s surface. Every hard water stain will be removed.

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Getting Rid Of Ants

Ants are a nuisance to most human beings, and there are better ways of getting rid of them by not using useful harmful chemical pesticides. A more safe and natural way of achieving this is by using lemon juice. The ants have a scent trail that they usually follow and one way you can disrupt this trail is by spraying their scent trail with lemon juice. The lemon juice is very strong and will disrupt them from following each other.

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All-Purpose, Environmentally Friendly Cleaner

Lemon juice can be a good cleaner since it is very effective and environmental friendly. We have other cleaners that have been laced with chemicals hence harmful to the environment. But you can make your own all-purpose, environmentally friend cleaner that can be sprayed on any item that you need to clean. This can be achieved by combing vinegar and lemon peels, and then you’ll have that wonderful natural cleaner.

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Cleaning the Chopping Boards

We don’t always have to use chemical laced disinfectants to clean our chopping boards. There are other ways which are both naturally and environmentally friendly. One of such methods is by use of lemon juice. You just cut the lemon into two halves, and then take one half rub it with salt on your chopping board. The chopping board will be cleaned and disinfected.

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woman shining copper kettle

Getting Copper Shinning

We always have various copper items in our closet and ensuring that they are super clean is one of our major concerns. Such copper items in our closets include: copper sugar & coffee box, copper bread bucket, copper fry pan among others. Get these items clean by rubbing sea salt and lemon juice on their surfaces. Leave the mixture to sit there for some time before scrubbing and then rinsing. You’ll get a very clean item.

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stained baby clothes

Removing Rust Stains from Clothes

We always love to use chemical laced liquids in removing stains from our clothes. However, we have other environmental friendly and affordable ways of doing this. One of these ways is by use of lemon juice. Cut the lemon into two halves, and then rub the lemon juice and the salt directly on the stains. Leave it to sit there for some few hours, then wash and rinse it. You’ll get a stainless shirt.

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Getting Rid Of Weeds

Farmers always encounter a lot of problems when it comes to removing weeds from their farms. Some resort to using chemical herbicides to kill the weeds from the gardens, but one thing about using chemical herbicides is that they are very harmful to the environment. A more environmental friendly method is by use of lemon juice. The unwanted plants in your farm can be removed by combining lemon juice, vinegar and the boiling water. This will produce a strong spray which you can use to kill unwanted plants from your garden.

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Brightening Your White Linens/Garments

You can brighten up your whites by use of lemon juice. This can be achieved by mixing the lemon juice with the laundry detergent that you normally use. You’ll get sparkling white garments/linens.

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Deterring Cats from the Garden

Cats can be a nuisance especially when it comes to young crops since they can easily destroy them. We have many ways on how we can stop them from entering our gardens such as spraying the crops with very strong synthetic sprays that will easily drive them away. However, this is not the best option as some of these synthetic sprays are very harmful to the environment. We have a safer way of doing this, and this is through use of lemon juice. Squeeze the lemon juice into a liter of water; add two dozen drops of eucalyptus oil. After you’re done, shake the mixture well and then spray in the garden. The cats will be kept away.

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A bunch of avocados on display

Keeping Avocados Fresh

You may need to keep your avocado for a long period of time before using it. One of the best ways you can do this is by use of lemon juice. Rub the lemon juice on the cut avocado. The lemon juice will prevent it from browning.

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Basket full of apples

Preventing Cut Apples from Browning

You may not be able to eat all your cut apples at once and thus may need to keep them safely. One safe way of ensuring that the apples don’t go brown is by use of water and lemon juice. Simply mix lemon juice and a little water and soak the cut apples in the mixture. The apples will remain fresh.

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Ensuring That Your Fridge has Fresh Smell

Everyone wants his/her fridge to remain with that lovely smell at all times. One safe and cheap way of getting this is by use of lemon juice. Dab the lemon juice on some cotton ball and then put it in your fridge for some few hours. Your fridge will be left smelling fresh.

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Balancing Out Salty Dishes

Accidents are never planned and come in many forms, and this includes even in foods we prepare. We may accidentally find that we have over-salted our foods and this may leave us worried especially if we have visitors who are supposed to feast on that food. Don’t worry as we have a very easy way of reducing salt in our foods. Simply add one or two drops of lemon juice to the food that you have accidentally over-salted.

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Man digging into a tub of ice

Creating Lemon Ice Cubes

You may also want to make lemon ice cubes but maybe you don’t know how to do it. It’s very simple. Simply fill your ice tray with water and then add lemon juice then leave it. After some time you’ll have lemon ice cubes.

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Table missing the salt shaker

Using Lemon In Place Of Salt

Raw salt is very harmful to our health and instead of using it; we can choose to use lemon juice instead of salt. The lemon juice is as good as salt when added to food, and zest is flavouring booster that can rival salt and pepper when used in cooking.

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GE microwave with stainless steel

Cleaning Your Microwave

Lemon juice can also be used in cleaning the microwave among other kitchen wares. Simply take half cup full of water, squeeze the juice out of one lemon and then add the juice into the water. Microwave the mixture in the cup for at least three minutes and then wipe down. You’ve just cleaned your microwave.

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Whitening Your Teeth

You can get extremely white teeth by using lemon juice. You can get this by mixing baking soda and lemon juice, and then apply the mixture on your teeth by use of a cotton bud before brushing your teeth. You’ll get those white teeth that you normally crave for.

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Young girl showing off her finger nails

Strengthening Your Nails

Some people have very weak nails, and at times these people go to great lengths in order to make their nails strong. Some of the methods they use are very expensive and somehow dangerous. But we have a more safe and affordable way of strengthening your nails. Simply mix lemon juice and olive oil and then soak your nails in the mixture. There you’ve it, very strong nails.

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Gives Your Hair Natural Shine

Apart from using synthetically manufactured hair shiners, lemon juice is another great component that will give your hair those natural highlights you normally crave for. Get this by simply applying lemon juice on your hair, then sit in the sun until all the juice has dried. There you have it, a glowing shiny hair got from lemon juice.

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Reducing Dry Scalp and Dandruff

We have various ways we can use to protect our head against dry scalp and dandruff. One way is by use of industrial based components. Though this method is somehow efficient, but it maybe harmful to our health. A safer way of achieving this is by use of lemon juice. Spray lemon juice on your scalp and it will help reduce dryness and get rid of all dead cells from the skin of your head.

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Creating a Natural Smelling Body Scrub

We have various types of body scrubs, but many of them are synthetic ones. Still we can be able to make our own natural body scrub that has very sweet smell. Simply mix sugar with lemon juice and then use the mixture in scrubbing your skin in the shower or in the bath. Try it, you’ll love it!

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Mouth Wash

Our mouths ought to remain fresh at all times, and the best way of getting this is by washing them regularly. One of the things you can use in washing your mouth is the lemon juice. You don’t always have to use lemon juice, but it’s a good idea to use it once in a while. Just rinse your mouth with the juice and you’ll get that fresh breath.

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Removing the Warts from Our Skin

A wart is a kind of deformed growth that occurs on our skins and is normally caused by the HPV (Human Papillomavirus). One of the safer and affordable ways of removing this type of growth is by use of lemon juice. Applying a dab of lemon juice regularly on the wart for a few days can help in dissolving the wart completely.

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Relieving Coughs

In most cases, when a person starts to cough, the first thing that hit his/her minds is to rush to the chemist and buy some pills that will relieve him/her the coughs. Others opt to go to the hospital. But is this really necessary? We have a more easy way of relieving your cough, and this is by sipping hot lemon water mixed with honey. This will help reduce the mucus level in your throat and in turn relieve you of the coughs.

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Soaking Tired Feet

Our feet get tired after a long day of work or after walking for long distances. You can relax your feet by soaking your feet in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and buttermilk. Do this for around 15 minutes and you’ll instantly get relaxed feet.

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Polishing the Leather Shoes

You can get shiny shoes if you want by polishing them up with lemon juice. Mix two parts of olive oil with one part of lemon juice and then apply the mixture to the shoes. Leave it to sit there for at least 10 minutes, and then buff it. You’ll get that shiny shoe.

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Create Invisible Ink

With lemon juice, you can create invisible ink. You can do this by simply dipping a cotton swab into the lemon juice and then using the cotton swab dipped in the lemon juice to write the message on a piece of white paper. You can hold on the lamp to reveal the message.

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Using the Lemon Peels to Build Fires

You can create your own firelighters by simply drying the lemon peels, once dry; add kindling to begin the fire. It is as easy as that. Now you know!

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Getting the Berry Stain Off From Your Hands

You may have handled some berry fruits and now the big challenge is how you to remove the berry stain left on your hands? Worry no more! Lemon juice can easily help in removing such stains from your hands. Rub the mixture of lemon juice and a paste of cornmeal on your hands; let it sit there for some few minutes and then rinse. You’ll have back your clean hands.

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