Unveiling America’s Wealthiest Counties

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As we delve into the mosaic of America’s wealthiest regions, we uncover not just the numbers that crown these counties but the stories they tell. From the tech-savvy streets of Silicon Valley to the historic charm of East Coast enclaves, each county offers a unique glimpse into the diverse tapestry of American prosperity.


San Mateo County, CA

Known for its significant growth in median household income and high level of education among residents. It has a strong real estate market with high property values and a majority of residents owning their homes. The major universities contribute to its educated workforce.

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Fairfax County, VA

This county’s economy is driven by professional services and technology, with several major employers and seven Fortune 500 companies headquartered here. It offers a high quality of life but also has a notably high cost of living.

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Los Alamos County, NM

Exhibits a high median household income with a significant portion of the population holding bachelor’s degrees or higher. The real estate market is more affordable compared to other counties on this list.


Howard County, MD

Known for its influence, quality of life, and educational standards. It is a hub for media and the job market in Washington, D.C.


Arlington County, VA

Boasts a low unemployment rate and houses major employers across various sectors, including federal agencies. It’s a desirable place to live with a growing economy and affordable amenities.

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Douglas County, CO

Recognized for its healthy economy and quality of life. The major employment sectors include education, banking, telecommunications, engineering, and healthcare.


Fairfax City, VA

Shows a growth in population and median family income, with a significant percentage of the population having higher education degrees.

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Nassau County, NY

Hosts a range of companies contributing to its local economy, with a strong emphasis on business and services.

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Marin County, CA

Its economy benefits from tourism, local companies providing organic and renewable solutions, and the spillover of tech and healthcare giants from Silicon Valley.

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Santa Clara County, CA

Home to many high-tech companies like Apple, Intel, Google, and is part of the Silicon Valley, contributing to its high median household income and strong real estate market.


San Francisco County, CA

Known for its high population density and significant real estate market. The county has a high median income and is a major hub in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Nantucket County, MA

A popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches and historic lighthouses. The county experiences a significant population increase in summer.


New York County, NY (Manhattan)

The wealthiest New York City borough with the highest income per capita in the U.S. It is a major financial hub, home to Wall Street and several large banks.


Teton County, WY

A significant amount of wealth in this county is generated from investments. The Grand Teton National Park is a notable landmark.

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Falls Church, VA

An independent city close to Washington D.C., it is home to many commuters and has a vibrant community.


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