15 Types Of People To Never Trust

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There are at least 15 types of people to never trust. These people will typically leave you hanging and ruin your faith in others.

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People who complain all the time

Plenty of people complain now and then, it’s normal if there’s a good reason. But someone who has nothing good to say about anything or anyone is kind of a downer and is hard to listen to.

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People who talk trash about others 

If a person says something bad about someone else to you, there’s a good chance that they say the same things about you to other people. No boundary can’t be crossed by someone like this.

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Energy leeches

Count yourself fortunate if you’ve never met anyone like this, but it’s smart to realize that these people do exist. These people talk your ear off about everything and lace it all with the type of emotional vacuum that drains you bit by bit. Do yourself a favor and just don’t listen if you come across these types.

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People who are there when it’s convenient for them

These are called fair-weather friends, and much like sports fans, they’re hard to stomach since they show up for the good times and go missing when things get tough. This type of person is an unreliable flake who seeks personal gratification and nothing else.

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Drama queens/kings

Making mountains out of molehills is a way of life for people like this. Everything from an infected hangnail to a sudden change in their schedule could set them off. It sounds tiring and, well, it appears that way too.

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Overly competitive people

It’s not a bad thing to keep a competitive edge in some aspects of life, but it’s smart to know when to just go along and get along. These types of people are set and determined to be the best at everything, no matter how mundane it might be.

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People who feel the need to share everything 

Some people find the need to vent, and that’s okay. But if they feel the need to share every part of their life with you, even the parts you don’t want to hear, then it’s a hard pass on that relationship.

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Sycophantic people

In other words, the yes-men and women who agree with you all the time and don’t feel the need to stiffen their spines when it’s needed. It’s hard to trust anyone who doesn’t have a differing opinion sometimes since a healthy amount of back and forth strengthens a relationship.

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The flip-flop type of person

These folks are typically called social chameleons since they act one way around some people and another way around others. This makes it insanely difficult to know which personality is their core self and fosters a lot of doubt.

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Toxic positivity is a thing

Imagine someone who tries to push ten pounds of positivity into a five-pound bag and you’ll have an idea of who these people are. They strive so hard to be positive that it comes off as creepy and less than genuine.

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People who talk poorly about their partners

Most relationships are somewhat less than perfect, at least from one perspective. However, talking about such issues to anyone other than your partner isn’t the way to go.

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People who lack self-awareness

Essentially, people who don’t take in their surroundings and act accordingly fall headfirst into this group. Those who believe that the world around them should conform to their needs, not the other way around, are also candidates for this title.

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Those who lack empathy

People who can’t even imagine what it’s like to be you aren’t the best to go to for advice, or even a kind ear. More likely they’ll brush off your feelings and tell you to get over it.

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Someone who gossips a lot

Gossip is a funny thing since it can be kind of intriguing, but it usually ends in drama of some sort. In a big way, gossip usually only leads to toxic feelings and exposure you don’t want.

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Individuals who don’t take no for an answer

These types of people can be incredibly tough to get along with. They’re often pushy, and manipulative, and aren’t willing to walk away with a loss. Sometimes it’s a guilty pleasure to wear them down and force the loss.


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