15 Trees and Shrubs That Thrive in Containers

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You do not always need a huge garden or an extensive backyard to grow trees. Instead, there are plenty of trees and shrubs that can thrive well in containers. You can choose the best depending on the size of your balcony/ patio. Enjoy some greenery in your house by planting these 15 trees and shrubs in containers.

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Japanese Maple (Tree)

Japanese Maple is a tree you can plant in containers. Known for its stunning foliage and delicate, palmate leaves, it looks beautiful in front of wooden setups. Japanese Maple is best planted in well-draining soil in a partially shaded location. It requires consistent moisture and protection from hard winds. It is available in shades of red, orange, or green.

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Rosemary (Shrub)

This fragrant and versatile shrub grows easily in containers. Rosemary has blue flowers and needle-like leaves. It thrives best in direct sunlight and well-drained soil. However, when planting rosemary, allow the soil to dry out between watering. The plant can grow bushier, and it infuses a pleasant fragrance around.

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Lemon Tree (Tree)

How exciting is it to grow your lemon, right? Lemon trees grow well in containers. They require well-draining, slightly acidic soil, a sunny location, and regular watering. However, it is important to avoid water logging while ensuring optimal moisture. The right water and fertilizer support healthy growth and fruit production.

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Boxwood (Shrub)

Boxwood shrubs have dense and compact foliage that improves the appearance of any garden or patio. These versatile shrubs grow bushier and can be shaped into unique sizes, adding beauty and aesthetics to the place. Boxwood prefers well-drained soil and partial to full sunlight. Since the plant grows heavily, regular pruning is necessary.

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Olive Tree (Tree)

Olive trees are easy to grow and are amongst one of the most popular trees for containers. They are an ancient symbol of peace and prosperity. When growing olive trees, ensure well-drained soil and adequate sunlight. Once well-grown, they are drought-tolerant; therefore, avoid overwatering them. However, to get fruit, waiting 2 to 3 years is necessary.

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Azalea (Shrub)

Azaleas are renowned for their colorful, spectacular blossoms that come in a range of colors. For growing these evergreen shrubs, having a partly shaded spot and acidic soil is necessary. When planting, choose well-draining soil and mix some organic matter for fast and healthy plant growth. Mulching is necessary to keep the soil acidic and help it hold onto moisture.

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Fig Tree (Tree)

If you are planning to pot a fruit-bearing tree on containers, go for fig trees. Because of their adaptability, fig trees make excellent container plants. All they need is well-draining soil and enough sunlight for the day. Water the plan regularly, especially in the dry season, to get healthy fruit development. In springs, apply a slow-releasing fertilizer. Whereas in winter, shield the tree from the frost.

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Dwarf Alberta Spruce (Tree)

This compact evergreen tree is known for its conical shape and dense foliage. When planting Dwarf Alberta Spruce in containers, choose well-draining soil. The tree requires adequate watering, especially during summer. Besides that, adding mulch is important to protect soil moisture. Its leaves, when trimmed well, look aesthetically pleasing.

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Hydrangea (Shrub)

Large, vibrant blooms add popularity to hydrangeas. These shrubs are well-grown in containers with early morning sun and afternoon shade. Use a well-draining potting mix and ensure adding a balanced amount of fertilizers during the growing season. Deadheading dry blooms promote the growth of new flowers.

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Citrus Shrub (Shrub)

Citrus shrubs like oranges and Kumquat thrive well in containers. Although these plants are less demanding and can grow with easy care, using organic fertilizer formulated for citrus is beneficial. Pot-appropriate citrus plants are quite easily available and can grow in different environments. Pruning is minimal, focus on shaping the shrub and removing dead or crowded branches.

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Bay Laurel (Tree)

Like many other trees that thrive in containers, Bay Laurel has limited demands: well-draining soil and a sunny location. This aromatic evergreen boosts glossy leaves that have numerous culinary uses. Unlike many pot plants, their leaves are hard, which helps them survive the harsh winters. When watering bay laurel, allow the slow to dry in between.

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Rhododendron (Shrub)

If you are looking to plant shrubs in containers, go for Rhododendrons without thinking twice. These beautiful plants grow stunning clusters of flowers and evergreen foliage. They thrive well when potted in well-draining, acidic soil and kept in partial shade. It is crucial to keep the soil consistently moist and mulch to retain moisture.

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Juniper (Tree)

Junipers in containers are undoubtedly the most beautiful trees to have. These evergreens with needle-like foliage grow small blue beads. Once they grow strong enough, junipers can tolerate drought well. However, while planning, use well-draining soil and ensure full sun throughout the day. Remember that these trees are more suitable for cold lands.

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Camellia (Shrub)

Camellias are highly appreciated for their fragrant flowers. These shrubs grow well in well-draining, acidic soil. However, they do not prefer direct sun; instead, they prefer filtered, partial sun rays. Keep the soil consistently moist and filled with mulch to conserve moisture. For fertilization, camellia-specific fertilizers, particularly in springs, are beneficial.

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Weeping Willow (Tree)

The last option for trees that thrive in containers is the Weeping Willow. These trees are known for their drooping branches. They grow well in moist, well-draining soil and under constant sunlight. Weeping Willows thrive near water sources, thus making them suitable for planting near ponds. However, they are not suitable for hot and humid environments.


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