20 Tips That Can Make Anyone An Open Book

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Here are 20 tips that can make anyone an open book. These tips are great when used to determine who you’re talking to.

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Remain logical and objective 

It’s tough to get rid of bias in any situation since it’s what builds and is built by life experience. But looking at someone through a neutral lens is necessary to pick up any telltale tics or behaviors that can help when determining what kind of person they are.

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Active listening 

This is more than catching every word that’s spoken. As an active listener, one needs to seek the underlying tone of a person to determine their current mindset.

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Avoid making assumptions

You know the old saying about what happens when you assume, right? On a more serious note, giving the person you’re watching a chance is important. Several factors can lead to wrong assumptions, so it’s important to take everything into account before concluding.

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Watch their facial expressions

Facial expressions often tell what a person is feeling, or that they’re trying to hide something. The average person can’t keep every emotion from showing on their face, so pay attention.

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Eye contact (or the lack of it) says a lot

What you see in someone’s eyes can tell you a lot. Cultural differences when it comes to staring or looking away are important to recognize, but eye contact is important to note as many people say a lot with their eyes.

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Body language

Amazingly, a lot of people will express themselves and how they’re feeling through body language. With some folks, it’s an unconscious action that automatically happens. For others, it’s still a guessing game that requires other data to fully comprehend.

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These are typically small, hard-to-notice expressions that are akin to watching a sink spring a leak. But if you can notice them, then the person will become an open book shortly after. Once a micro-expression is noticed it’s tougher to avoid seeing them.

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Reactions to compliments or criticism

A lot of individuals don’t enjoy criticism and are an open book waiting for you to read when they hear something they don’t like. Interestingly enough though, some react this way about compliments, which is just as telling.

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Pay attention to their fashion sense

We notice how people dress, but many of us gloss over this method of self-expression quite often. It is another way that people send social signals to the rest of the world, however, indicating our personality and beliefs.

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Curiosity is a good thing

Not everyone is an open book when conversing with another. Asking open-ended questions is a good start to finding out more about a person. It does pay to stay alert for minor tics and body language that indicates you’re headed in the wrong direction.

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The tone of their voice is important

If you’ve listened carefully to anyone in the past you’ll note that inflection can tell you a lot about their mood and motives. A monotone voice is typically attributed to boredom, but it can also find use in hiding various emotions as well. Listening to a person’s voice and determining if they’re calm, anxious, or even angry.

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Watch for defense mechanisms

>Everyone has them, even if we don’t always admit it. The tightening of your lips, the vague answers, changing the subject. There are many key points to watch for when a person puts their guard up.

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Find their sense of humor

Humor reveals a lot. Those who make fun of themselves might stand out as humble and personable or have seriously low self-esteem. Dry humor is an indication of cynicism, while light-hearted humor indicates an air of optimism.

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Reaction to stress

Stress is like an emotional sandblaster that can eliminate facades in an instant. Those who are outwardly confident and even cocky can and have shown themselves as uncertain and anxious. Then again, the more humble have shown great strength when stress demands they stand up.

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Notice their physical habits

Such things as nail-biting, hair-twirling, and fidgeting with something in their hand, are indicators of an emotional state. Then again, they’re also attributed to boredom. Noting this along with other variables can help to determine how another person is feeling.

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See how they interact with others

How a person reacts in a group setting is very telling. Do they shut down and stay quiet? Are they the biggest talkers? Do they respect others or act like they’re in charge? These types of interactions say a lot about people.

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Take note of their listening habits

Do they listen to the person who’s speaking? Eye contact is another thing to look for, as this indicates that someone is paying attention. A lack of eye contact or certain body language means that the individual is just waiting for their turn to speak.

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Are they punctual? 

Punctuality is a tough measure since things happen and people are late from time to time. But someone who seeks to place value on the time of others will do everything in their power to keep appointments and show up on time. Those who do not will take a far more cavalier attitude quite often.

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Take a look at their social media presence

This is a more modern method of taking note of people, as social platforms are another way that people show who they are. Depending on the images and posts they create, one can get a deep look into who they are and what they value.


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