20 Things You Should Never Apologize For


There are at least 20 things you should never apologize for in life. Apologizing is not a weakness, but it can show submissiveness.

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Your life choices

Your triumphs or your failures are your own, and unless you’ve harmed someone in the process of attaining these, you owe no apologies. You can choose what you want, no matter what path this takes you down.

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The dreams you follow

Have you ever heard someone say that your dreams make no sense? That’s all well and good, they’re not supposed to make sense to anyone but you. The best feeling is achieving your dreams and seeing the looks on the faces of those who doubted you.

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What you believe in 

You should never apologize for what you believe in. Your convictions are a big part of who you are. So long as your beliefs don’t include harming anyone, hold onto them tightly.

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How you care for yourself

Jealousy can come into play in this instance since it is true that some people can care for themselves in ways that others don’t. Should you apologize if you’re the former? No, absolutely not.

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Where you’re from 

You should never apologize about where you’re from. It doesn’t matter if you come from high society or the slums, where a person starts their life is their own business. So long as you don’t forget where you came from, there’s no apology needed.

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Past mistakes

There are instances in which an apology is needed for actions and words that are not warranted. But apart from that, your past is your own. You owe no one an apology for the choices you’ve made, as long as you’ve learned.

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Your ability to say ‘no’

You might feel guilty for saying no to someone who needs your help. This is natural if you’re a giving person, as the common instinct is to help someone out no matter if this benefits you or not. But when you can’t, you can’t, there’s no need to apologize.

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You don’t want to be a parent

Kids aren’t for everyone. Very few people recognize this fully and some don’t realize it until it’s too late. But the fact remains, if you don’t want kids, don’t apologize, it’s your body and your life. But do take precautions, just for the sake of your own choice.

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Your eating habits

It’s amazing what people will talk about these days in terms of other individuals. What a person chooses to eat should never enter a discussion unless it’s harmful to others or in some way controversial. Don’t bother explaining your choices to anyone.

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Who you choose to spend your life with

Again, unless it’s harming someone, or you, then this is a decision you get to make without apologies. Others might question and state that you’re not acting like yourself, but that’s on you, and no one else. You might choose a dud or two in your life in terms of your life partner, but that’s your decision.

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The way you raise your children

This is way too common for comfort, especially in an era when everyone has something to say. How you raise your children is important. But so long as you’re raising your children without harming them, you’re doing fine.

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Which schools you place your children in 

Sometimes there aren’t any better schools to find in the nearby area. As a parent, you do what you can to take care of your children and see them educated. There’s always homeschooling if you’re up for that.

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Why you don’t engage in social media

If anything, you should expect congratulations in some regards, since social media is useful, but it’s also a plague to those who are hooked on it. While some people dip in and out of social media for entertainment, others are stuck by choice.

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How you treat your pets
Don’t get it twisted, you should never apologize for doing the right thing. So long as you’re treating your pets well and keeping them healthy, don’t worry about the opinions of others. People like to talk, let them.

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How you dress in public

There are instances when less is more and more is better, but if you’re covered and you’re happy then let your freak flag fly. Sure, people are going to look, but so what? You do you, and let other people think what they want.

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How you vote

People are extremely hung up on this since everyone thinks that their candidate is the best for the job. The mudslinging that goes on isn’t limited to politicians and bureaucrats, since those who follow them take a beating as well on social media and in public, so to speak.

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Where you vacation

Some folks can afford to head to Dubai or other locations around the world, while others might see a night of Netflix as a good time. It doesn’t matter, a vacation is time spent enjoying yourself and making memories.

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Whether you’re rich or poor

Life is tough for a lot of people, but some find an easier way to get by with their various skills. Never apologize for where you find yourself in life in terms of riches. No matter what anyone says, there are many ways to earn a living, just as there are many ways to fall from grace.

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Why you don’t drink

A lot of people don’t care if you drink, and some would congratulate you. If you don’t drink, you don’t drink, plain and simple. The only people who would have an issue with this are those who tend to drink too much.

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Why you don’t follow the trends

This goes along with your style, but it’s also something you should never apologize for. Trends come and go, but your sense of worth is something you should keep at all times. Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about the opinions of others.


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