10 Things That Attract Mice

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Mice can be pesky intruders in our homes, causing damage and posing health risks. Understanding what attracts them is key to keeping them at bay. From food scraps to cozy nests, here are 10 things that might be inviting mice into your living spaces.

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Food Scraps

Rats and mice require regular food sources to survive. The problem is that if they locate any feeding sites in your home or garden, they will continue to return for more. Clean all crumbs and food particles from your kitchen counters and flooring, and wipe up any dropped food as soon as they occur.

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Water Sources

Mice need water to survive, just like us. If you have any leaky pipes or if you leave water out for your pets overnight, mice might come looking for a drink. Fixing leaks and putting away pet water bowls at night can help keep them away.

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Cozy Nests

Mice are always on the lookout for warm, hidden places to set up their homes, especially when it’s cold outside. If you have a lot of clutter, like piles of clothes or boxes, it’s like rolling out the welcome mat for them. Keeping your place tidy can make it less appealing for mice to move in.

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Tiny Openings

Both rats and mice can squeeze through openings that are as tiny as ΒΌ inch, so inspect your home’s exterior for potential access points. These could be holes or gaps in masonry, baseboards, pipes, or vent apertures. Seal any minor gaps in your house, siding, or doorway to prevent entry.

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Accessible Food

Mice have a great sense of smell, and they can sniff out food from far away. If you leave food out or if your garbage cans are not sealed, it is like sending them an invitation to dinner. Store food in airtight containers and keep your trash cans closed to avoid attracting them.

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Pet Food

If you have pets, their food can also attract mice. It is best to store pet food in sealed containers and clean up any leftovers after your pets are done eating. This way, you will not be giving mice an easy meal.

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As the weather gets colder, mice look for warm places to stay. If your home has cozy spots, like near heating systems or in attic insulation, mice might decide it is a good place to settle down. Regularly inspecting and maintaining these areas can make your home less inviting to them.

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We have all done it: we let things stack up in our rooms without realizing it. The bad news is that the heap of clothes you are leaving in the back corner of your bedroom is the ideal home for mice. Mice thrive in messy environments, and a cluttered space makes an ideal nesting site for their family.

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Outdoor Shelter

If your yard is overgrown or if you have piles of leaves or debris near your home, mice might use these areas as shelter before finding a way inside. Keeping your yard tidy can help prevent them from getting too close to your home.

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Bird Feeders

If you enjoy attracting birds to your garden, you may also be inviting mice. This is especially true if you feed birds using freestanding or hung feeders close to your home. Mice can not only reach the feeders, but they will also eat any food that has been spilled on the floor.


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