15 Things Smart People Don’t Waste Time With


There are at least 15 things smart people don’t waste time with. There are a lot more to think about, but these are a few good examples.

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Bad weather and traffic

A lot of us do this, it makes sense at the moment and it feels good for a few seconds. But the fact remains that it doesn’t change anything. Finding something to take up your time, while paying attention to the important aspects, is much more productive.

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Things other people do

Unless it affects you directly, focusing on what another person is doing is a distraction that takes up time, nothing more. A smart person will instead focus on their own actions and what will affect their day.

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The opinions of othersĀ 

The smarter you are, the more likely it is that you realize: you can’t please everyone. Stressing out over the opinions of others is tough to avoid, but necessary. Focusing on your own values and personal matters is a lot easier.

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Glitches in technology

Unless a smart person knows what is causing the glitch and can fix it, worrying excessively about it becomes a drag. Letting a sudden glitch in the WiFi or a dropped call ruin your day is counterproductive.

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Many people worry over this incessantly, and that’s why some cosmetics companies are so popular. But the average smart person knows that aging is a part of life and will continue no matter how many preventative methods are taken.

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Waiting in long lines

Some of these feel rather trivial, don’t they? But the truth is that no one likes waiting in line. It’s boring, it takes a while, and it’s not the way to spend your day. But sometimes it happens, and the smart person uses this time effectively without letting it bother them.

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Personal workload and responsibilities

Every responsible worker has stuff to do and responsibilities to take care of, right? Complaining about what we have to do, how much of it there is, and how long we’ll be at it, is not productive. Smart people understand this and know how to break down their list of responsibilities to tackle them in a manner that makes the most sense.

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Social media

It’s easy to roll your eyes when thinking about social media since it’s a minefield of opinions and annoyances that too many people take personally. Smart people know when to log off, and they don’t bother getting worked up about stuff that isn’t their business and/or is out of their control.

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Delayed flights

It’s not fun to see your flight delayed, especially after spending that kind of money and making such meticulous plans to get to the airport. Smart people know about annoyance, but they use this time to read, catch up on work, or just indulge in people-watching.

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Lack of time to do everything

We all wake up with the same allotment of time in the day, it’s just a matter of how we use it. Smart people know better than to complain about how much time we don’t have and will use the time they do have efficiently to get things done.

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Past mistakes

We all have at least a couple of regrets in the past, it’s normal for human beings. But instead of continuing to look backward, smart people will learn from their mistakes and move forward. The past is important, that’s true, but it’s a learning tool for the present and the future.

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Avoiding issues

Some people don’t want to focus on their problems and will just brush them under the rug, so to speak. Smart people will face their problems head-on, no matter how tough they are, because dealing with them is easier than carrying unwanted mental baggage.

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Giving upĀ 

No one likes to give up, as it indicates a type of weakness that society doesn’t fully support. But smart people know that there’s little to no point in giving up. Moving forward allows them to get through one problem or another. Giving up is a sure loss while moving forward offers a better chance at success.


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