15 Things Polite People Always Say

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There are 15 things polite people say regularly even if they aren’t reciprocated. It’s best to be polite and display integrity, right?

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It’s not tough to say hello to someone. It actually makes you feel a little better to acknowledge someone.

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This word isn’t a sign of weakness or submission. It’s a term of respect from someone when they want something, or desire to help.

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You’re welcome

Sure, this is said with disdain and sarcasm at times. But it’s also a way to let someone know their gratitude is appreciated.

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Thank you

This is something parents should teach their children early on. If someone gives you something or helps out, it’s important to show gratitude.

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Excuse me

Whether it’s to get your attention or pardon an interruption or something else, this is an easy way to ease tension. Not only that, but if you bump into someone, it’s a smart move to at least acknowledge your fault.

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Use a person’s name

This is a sign of respect, as would using Mr., Ms., or Mrs. if this is necessary. Showing this level of decorum is important when first meeting with someone.

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I’m happy to see you

If you’re genuinely happy to see someone, saying so is uplifting. Even if you’re not, it’s simply polite.

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That’s so kind of you

Acknowledge the kindness of others, because they do not owe you anything. It’s blunt, but it’s the truth.

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Can I share my condolences?

If a person says no to this, then you offered and were willing to empathize with them. If they say yes, it is a sign that you care.

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Can you share your thoughts on…?

This tells another person that you do value their input. It also helps to build a rapport with other people.

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Can I help?

Helping hands are almost always accepted and can help build relationships. One doesn’t need to seek out people to help, but it’s a good idea to remain open to possibilities.

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I can/I cannot attend your event

Whether you can or cannot attend an event, it’s a good idea to communicate with the host. Polite people have respect for their time and effort and make it clear that you do value their offer.

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I’ve noticed how good you are at…

People appreciate the notice of others even if they don’t say so. By acknowledging a person’s skill, you lend them a little validation that can go a long way.

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I must apologize for…

If you’re in the wrong, then admit it. If you’re apologizing for someone else, then make sure it’s your place to do so.

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How are you today?

There’s nothing wrong with asking. If people don’t want to talk about it then let them be. If they want to talk, give them your time.


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