25 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Bacon

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Bacon. Just saying the word makes taste buds water and almost evokes the mouth-watering, stomach-growling, wondrous smell. Some refer to bacon as the ”meat candy”. As far as that goes, it makes sense. Bacon is the most irresistible meat there is and sometimes it’s even sweet, like maple cured bacon. And if you leave it laying about, someone is going to snatch a piece of it when no one is looking! Yes, bacon is a hot commodity and not just for breakfast anymore, even though it IS eaten with eggs 71% of the time. With all the different ways of cooking it or cooking with it, it can be eaten anytime of day.

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What’s in a Name?

Bacon is named after an arse! The word ”bacon” is a derivation of the old High German word for ”buttock”! Unsure of how that came about, but it’s certainly not for its taste. Maybe they thought that’s where it came from on the pig. It really doesn’t matter what it’s named for now, because we all call it delicious!

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How Long has Bacon Been Around?

Bacon has not been here all along. Yes, it’s been here as long as anyone can remember, but it had to originate some time. Bacon has been around a very, very long time! It was actually one of the first ever processed meats, cured by the Chinese. They were eating bacon way back in 1500 BC, making it one of the first and oldest cuts of meat to be recorded.

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The Bacon Slice

Bacon was eaten for years and years before it was made into the slice we know and love today. Oscar Mayer patented the bacon slice in 1924. Did they even realize what they had done? They are responsible for making it easier to not only cook bacon, but also to eat it. Setting off an avalanche of bacon-added foods and all the bacon ideas to come, the bacon slice was born.

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International Bacon Day

Did you even know bacon had a day? Well, it actually has two, although both are somewhat unofficial. International Bacon Day is usually celebrated the Saturday before Labor Day. This year in the United States, it’s being celebrated on September 2. There are varying versions on how this day came to be, but all are centered on the love of bacon. Not to be confused, (Just) Bacon Day is observed on December 30. This holiday was founded by two friends, Danya “D” Goodman and Meff “Human Cannonball” Leonard, as the one great day that would bond everyone together. Such happy sentiments!

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Bacon Cologne

Yes, bacon cologne. Somebody in the world wants to smell like bacon. Many people, in fact. It was originally created by John Fargginay, a Parisian butcher. You can now get varieties of bacon cologne online. In fact, one version sold on Amazon is called “Boss Hogg’s” from the classic primetime show Dukes of Hazzard. Other versions combine 11 essential oils with the essence of bacon to get that amazing, mouth-watering smell just right. It does smell awesome, but…why would anyone WANT to smell like bacon?

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Bacon Cures Hangovers

Well, don’t start cramming bacon in your mouth just yet, but there is evidence that this could be true. British researchers from Newcastle University claim that the amino acids in bacon replace neurotransmitters that become depleted during heavy drinking. If its taste was equally comparative to it’s restoring abilities, then it would cure cancer, but I doubt that’s the case. Either way, it’s not a bad way to muddle through a hangover by eating bacon.

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Bacon Addiction

Bacon addiction is a real thing. Bacon is a high-calorie, high-fat food that overloads the brain’s pleasure center. You want more and more because it not only tastes good, but it makes you happy to eat it. The Japanese call it ”umami,” savory taste, one of the five basic tastes that is more intense because it uses the same taste receptors as glutamate. Basically, bacon is a drug.

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Canadian Bacon

Canadian bacon doesn’t even deserve to be called bacon. Want to know why? Because it’s NOT bacon! It’s smoked pork loin. Now you know why it didn’t taste much like bacon; it’s not bacon. It’s pork chop! Just because a food is prepared the same way as bacon doesn’t mean it should be allowed to share it’s name.

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Illegal Bacon

It is ILLEGAL to sell bacon wrapped hot dogs in Los Angeles. Apparently, the good (or not so good, depending on how you look at it) people of LA believe bacon to be potentially hazardous to your health and don’t want you eating. They are saving your life!! How ironic is, then, that the bacon dog is the official hot dog of LA? Do they mean turkey bacon dog? Anyway, don’t sell a bacon wrapped hot dog here or you could go to jail!

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Shine Your Boots

Yes, shine your boots, not with actual bacon, though, but with bacon grease. Strain the grease while still in liquid form. Let it cool down, then using a soft rag or towel, use the bacon grease a little at a time to polish your boots. Works just as well on belts, too. It would work on any boots, belts, purses, anything you would normally polish. Just don’t get caught licking the boot!

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Start a Fire

You know that paper towel you use to absorb the grease when you first get the bacon out of the frying pan? Well, leave your kindling behind, because you can fold up that paper towel and use it to start a fire. Lights instantly and burns well. If your camping out and have bacon for breakfast, don’t forget to keep the greasy paper towel for starting your campfire later. You can store it Ziploc baggies until needed.

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Bacon Gum

For real, bacon flavored chewing gum is a thing. There are actually several online stores that sell bacon flavored gum balls. There’s also bacon flavored candy shaped like little bacon strips. One website even has the top five bacon gum balls listed, so if that’s your thing, you might want to look it up.

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Peeling Stickers

You know how price stickers never seem to want to come off? Or they leave behind that half-a-sticker, fuzzy, sticky mess. Well, you can clean that off in a jiffy with bacon grease! Just rub a little strained grease on the sticker and rub. It will come right off. Amazing what you can do with a little bacon grease, isn’t it?

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Make You Live Longer

You read it right, bacon can possibly make you live longer. Bacon has high amounts of vitamin B3, also known as niacin. Niacin has been known to be called the fountain of youth. Of course, there are healthier choices of niacin-rich foods such as chicken, dates, and peanuts, but none of them TASTE LIKE BACON!!

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Plentiful National Pork Supply Sends Price Of Bacon Down 25 Percent Since Last Year


If you want to attend a Baconfest, you just might be able to find one in your area. It seems that every state has at least one and sometimes many within the state. Just check your local area for one near you. Roanoke, VA has a Baconfest coming up July 17, 2017 beckoning you to ”be there and be hungry” where they’re offering up bacon-inspired dishes beyond your wildest dreams! Sounds like fun! Let’s go!

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Bacon Trivia

Every year 1.7 million pounds of bacon are eaten. Want to know about how much that is? Well, it’s equivalent to the weight of about 425 average vehicles. That is a LOT of bacon! 41% of that bacon is eaten on the weekend, but that does make sense. Lots of people not only have more time for breakfast on the weekends, but they have also have bigger meals. Bacon is so popular that 69% of all food services operators serve bacon. Got to give the people want they love!

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Bacon Toothpaste

Can you imagine brushing your teeth with bacon flavored toothpaste? If you are tired of mint or just want toothpaste with imagination, then bacon toothpaste is for you! There are several online stores competing for your purchase, so you won’t have any trouble finding it. I wonder if you’re still not supposed to swallow it?

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The New PB&J

Some say that bacon and chocolate is going to replace peanut butter and jelly as the new savory and sweet meal combination. You can get chocolate-covered bacon, chocolate-bacon cupcakes, and just about any other sweet you can think of. Bacon has even infiltrated S’mores! You make a bacon weave with half slices of bacon and bake them in the oven. Then when you’ve toasted some marshmallows, you place a piece of chocolate on the first bacon weave, add the toasted marshmallows with another piece of chocolate and then top it with a second bacon weave. Doesn’t that make you want to go camping just to have a reason to try it?

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The BLT first became popular after WW2. Sandwiches were starting to really take off and the BLT held its own from the very beginning. One of the reasons for its popularity was not taste, but ease of convenience. Supermarkets at that time had just recently expanded to include more fresh produce like lettuce and tomatoes, allowing the making of BLT’s to become easier. Of course, the taste is what kept people eating them for all these years.

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Bacon Booze

You want to get drunk? Drink some beer-flavored booze! There is bacon-flavored beer, bourbon, and vodka, with the bacon vodka being the most popular. There are many bacon boozes sold online and in some specialty liquor stores if you’d like to try some. As far as recommending, the bacon vodka is probably your best bet. Mix up a Bacon Bloody Mary. You’re welcome.

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Brain Development and Pregnancy

Bacon may actually help brain development. Choline, a micro-nutrient, is a naturally occurring chemical in foods that can help fetuses develop the regions of the brain linked to memory. This doesn’t give pregnant women a license to eat bacon every day, but certainly occasionally would be okay. Choline is also good for the heart. Did you ever think you’d hear a fact that bacon may be good for heart health?

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Bacon Explosion

One of the most popular meals in the WORLD is bacon explosion. What is it, you ask? A filling of spiced sausage and crumbled bacon wrapped in bacon. Sounds a bit unhealthy! You probably shouldn’t eat too many of these, but it goes to show you just how much the world loves bacon!

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Kevin Bacon Bust

There is a bust of Kevin Bacon made entirely out of bacon. “Bacon Kevin Bacon” was commissioned by the owners of J&D Foods for Mike Lahue to create the likeness out of bacon. Taking three months to finish, Lahue glued pieces of bacon onto a Styrofoam likeness of Bacon and then lacquered it. It’s actually up for bidding for a good cause. One of the owners’ daughter was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and all proceeds will go to help fight her illness.

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Feed the Birds

In the winter months when birds have a hard time finding sufficient food, you can help by feeding them bacon! No, not really, but you can use its grease. Spread strained bacon grease on a pine cone and then roll it in bird seed, covering it. Set aside until grease has congealed. Then take it out and hang it where birds will notice it. They would heartily thank you if they could. Birds deserve a special treat, too!

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Bacon Grease Candles

You can make candles using bacon grease. Combine equal parts strained bacon grease, coconut oil, and beeswax in a double-boiler. Heat to melting temperature of 140° F on a candy thermometer. Strain through cheesecloth. Pour small amount into pint jar or candle jar. Insert cotton wick, using tape to hold it centered. Finish filling the jar up to the top. Let set. Before lighting candle, snip wick to 3/4 inch height.

Bacon has definitely become popular worldwide. It does taste amazing, so it’s no wonder why. I hope you learned a new thing or two about bacon and will know share your newfound bacon trivia with others. One last thing, oven-baked bacon is said to be the best, so this is a reminder to try it. Line a sheet pan with aluminum foil first, then just follow the directions on the side of the box. If you have fresh bacon, pre-heat your oven to 375º and then bake it 12-17 minutes, or until desired crispiness, turning over once. Enjoy!

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