10 Things Cats Hate About Humans

brown tabby cat on gray couch

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Cats are true companions who shower us with love and warmth, and we treat them the same. But there are some things we humans do that cats hate – you can easily count the overly clingy affection as one. For the others, here are 10 things cats hate about humans.

short-fur orange and black cat

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Being ignored

A warm cuddle, gentle pats, and soft head rubs are something that cats love. But a lot of us feel cats like to be alone and do not enjoy love. That is not the case. Cats love being petted every once in a while and may even become depressed.

Figurine with a Burning Incense Stick

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Smoking near them

A lot of pet families do not clearly understand the harmful effects passive smoking can have on their pet cats. Smoking can be very dangerous for cat lungs, especially when the concentration of smoke is high in the air.

orange tabby cat on gray area rug

Photo by Christin Hume/Unsplash

Aggressive love

Cats love to be loved, but gently. Unlike dogs, cats do not enjoy aggressive pats or scratching. You will find your pet jumping and getting away from you if you sneak up on them suddenly. A gentle belly rub, on the other hand, is more comforting to them.

white and brown cat with red and white ribbon on brown tree log

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Dressing them up

Humanizing cats is something cats hate. Dressing and accessorizing them is an extreme example. The market today is flooded with clothes and accessories for cats, but trust us. That would be the last thing your cat would want you to get. It restricts their mobility and can cause skin irritation.

a cat sits on the hood of a car

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Car rides

Most cats feel unnecessary anxiety, motion sickness, and confusion when you take them for car rides. Even though we understand the vet runs are mandatory, if you see your cat feeling uncomfortable, you can discuss it with your vet for suggestions or home visits.

a cat with its mouth open and it's mouth wide open

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Loud noise

Cats are blessed with acute hearing. It is the same reason they hate when you play loud music around them, worse if for too long. Though it is sometimes understandable, even then, we should try to move them to some place that is quieter and safer for them.

orange tabby cat on brown wooden table

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Ignoring their eating habits

Cats are notoriously picky about their food habits. We sometimes tend to treat our cats with human food. Not only do most cats hate human food, but it is also not great for their health. Grape is one such fruit that might be extremely toxic for cats.

person holding silver tabby cat

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Delaying visits to the vet

Even if your cat appears healthy and there are no signs of any illnesses, you should never delay vet visits with your cat. The reason is many diseases can affect your cat without presenting evident symptoms. So, it is advisable to visit the vet at least once every 4-6 months.

yawning brown tabby kitten

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Cats dislike being scolded

Cats can be demanding, we understand. You may even get frustrated with them at first. But if you get aggressive or impatient with your cat, it can trigger them. There may be times you think punishing them is necessary, but keep it as gentle as possible. This will allow you to form and retain a connection with your cat.

woman lying beside two kittens

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Cats hate being treated like humans

Cats hate when people handle them like humans. You must always keep in mind that we can love them without expecting them to understand us or get agitated when they do not act as we want.


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