10 Worst States For Single Moms

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Every child deserves proper support from both parents. Even when parents separate, they should still work together to meet their children’s needs. However, the burden can still become too much for the parents who supervise the kids most days of the week. This is why the government assists single parents with childcare support. However, some states are doing pretty badly in this sector. Here are the worst states for single mothers to live in!

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10. Mississippi

Mississippi is a beautiful state with deep rivers and natural resources. If you like a lifestyle in touch with nature, this state is a great choice for you. Unfortunately, according to Child Care Aware, it was dubbed the 10th worst state for single moms. Mississippi has a high poverty rate, and 50.4% of mothers are the sole breadwinners for their families.

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9. Iowa

Iowa is a state bordered by Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Some parts of the Mississippi River also run through the state. Iowa is also rich in mountains, rivers, and other natural resources. However, if you’re a solo parent, you might want to move somewhere else. Single mothers who live in Iowa are affected negatively by the high inflation rate in the country.

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8. South Carolina

South Carolina is a state bordered by North Carolina and Georgia. It is famous for its beaches, entertainment parks, and historical sites. Unfortunately, South Carolina is one of the states in the US with no equal pay law, which forces businesses and companies to pay men and women in the same workplace equally.

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7. Wyoming

Wyoming is a beautiful state enriched with rocky mountains and great rivers. However, there are some programs and government initiatives the state is lacking. The state of Wyoming does not have an earned-income tax credit, meaning the state offers no specific tax credit for individuals who want to buy a mortgage.

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6. Maine

Maine prides itself on its long coastal zone. If you are traveling around the area, try its popular delicacy — lobsters. Unfortunately, despite exporting some of the most expensive delicacies, the state still struggles with a high inflation rate. This is also the case for single moms.

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5. Alabama

Alabama is a state famous for its manufacturing industry and business. However, if you are looking for a state to raise your child alone, there may be better places for you. Aside from the high inflation rate, the minimum wage for mothers would be way lower. Also, some sources say that the quality of life is low compared to other states.

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4. Louisiana

Louisiana is a state known for its laid-back culture that reflects on the people’s religion, music, people, areas, food, and language. Unfortunately, recent studies reveal the struggles of female workers in the area. The study shows a high percentage of female poverty in the state, which is bad news for single moms who live paycheck to paycheck.

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3. California

California is home to many wealthy people, Hollywood celebrities, and politicians. But did you know that it’s one of the worst states for single moms to live in? This is because of the extremely high housing costs. Unfortunately, a typical household income can barely afford the rent and living costs in the area.

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2. Nebraska

Nebraska is a state bordered by South Dakota and Missouri. It is known for its rich agricultural lands, which produce tons of grains that are exported throughout the country. However, childcare costs are high. Considering the inflation and the low minimum wages, it would be a constant battle if you live from paycheck to paycheck.

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1. Idaho

Surprisingly, reports show that Idaho is the worst state for families with single parents. First, Idaho’s median household income is $47,583, while the national median household income ranges around $53,889. Data also shows a 25% increase in single mothers facing eviction.


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