The 10 States With The Most Homeless People

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The states with the most homeless people typically have a reason for entertaining this population, but it’s not always the best reasoning. Often, it becomes a constant argument between people over why homeless people should receive help, or a swift boot to another area. 

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Well over a hundred thousand people live on the streets, under bridges, or elsewhere in this state. You know what’s really sad? The largest number live in southern Cali. The north has tens of thousands but pales in comparison to the south. 

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New York

Amazingly, New York does not have the most homeless people as some think. They’re likely a little more noticeable, and they are numerous in various parts of the state, but they’re still far less in number than Cali. 

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Thinking that the warmest states are going to have the most homeless people isn’t tough at all. Of course, when living in hurricane country it’s not much of a tradeoff. 

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The fact is that Washington does have roughly 25 thousand homeless individuals living on the streets. Those who live in this state complain about them constantly, but there are far fewer of them. 

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It’s really easy to think that Texas doesn’t have as big of a problem since they have less than Washington. But they’re also a much bigger state, meaning that it’s easier for the homeless folks to spread out. 

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Do you want to hear people complain about homeless people? Talk to an Oregonian and they’ll tell you all about it. Portland alone is one of the worst cities when it comes to the homeless issue. 

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As we go down the list, the number of homeless people found in each state starts to lessen in a big way. This state could house all its homeless in a moderate-sized city. 

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Funnily enough, Arizona doesn’t always take kindly to the homeless. There aren’t a lot of them to see in a lot of cities, and for good reason. They aren’t allowed to set up in a lot of areas. 

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The argument over what to do about the homeless feels like it has an easy resolution, but many people don’t want to hear it. The number of vagrants in this state is mercifully low. 

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For some reason, there’s less of a homeless problem in the South. But there are plenty of people who would argue that point, which means that they see it more often than others and not much else. 


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