The 10 Fittest Cities In The Country

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Some of the 10 fittest cities are those where junk food still exists but isn’t a big thing and people are constantly active. Well, junk food is still a big thing, but people know how to balance their diets, kind of.

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Oakland, California

It does feel as though a lot of the fittest cities reside in California. There’s likely a reason for this, but it’s anyone’s guess what the top reasons are.

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Denver, Colorado

The fact that it’s called the Mile High City has a lot to do with this. It’s tough to stay unhealthy in a place where the elevation plays a big factor in everyday life.

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St. Paul, Minnesota

Cities that have a great number of parks and recreation sites are expected to have a fit populace. In some cases, that’s very true.

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San Francisco, California

Look at this city and ask yourself how anyone would stay unhealthy. Just a look up one of those hills is enough to make one sweat.

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Madison, Wisconsin

Again, parks and playgrounds are a big part of staying fit. The ratio of citizens to parks is insane, in a good way.

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Irvine, California

People are very conscious of their health in this city. That’s a good thing and an inspiration to others, hopefully.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

There are more people in this half of the Twin Cities and yet it would appear that they mirror their counterparts. Their level of fitness is insanely high.

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Seattle, Washington

The Emerald City is a busy spot, without a doubt. Plenty of people stay active here throughout their day.

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Washington, D.C.

As far as healthy eating goes people are conscious of what they put into their bodies. Plus, with so much sitting in walking distance, it’s better to enjoy the day when possible and just hoof it.

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Arlington, Virginia

With all the sights to see and the fact that this is a busy city, it’s not tough to see how it’s one of the fittest cities. It’s been that way for a while now.


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