15 Small Habits That Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

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We are always doing something or the other. Folding the laundry, cleaning trash cans, and staring at the nothingness. These seemingly insignificant habits and actions reveal a lot more about us than what we would accept. Here are 15 small habits that speak largely about the kind of person you are.

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Your Shoe Choice

Your shoe says a lot about you. It is said that people who prefer comfortable shoes often have agreeable personalities. Those who wear ankle boots may be more aggressive. And ones who keep their footwear in immaculate condition are mostly like the anxious or clingy type.

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Your Handshake

You must have heard of this one at least once in your life. The way you shake hands is a non-verbal cue if you are confident and friendly or a bit shy. A strong handshake usually means you are outgoing and not too worried, while a weaker one might mean you are not as bold in making a first impression.

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Your Email Etiquette

How you write emails can give clues about how you are as a person. Hard to believe, maybe, but true. Using a lot of “I”, “Me”, and “Mine” could mean you focus a lot on yourself, which is slightly narcissistic. Making sure your emails are perfect without any typos could show you like things to be just right.

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Your Walking Style

Body language experts say that if you walk fast and lean a bit forward, you might be someone who thinks logically and likes to get things done. Walking with your head up and back straight shows you are confident and enjoy being around people.

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Your Eating Habits

One of the best indicators of personality is eating habits. How fast or slow you eat can say a lot. Quick eaters tend to be people who are always reaching for their goals and can be a bit impatient. Those who eat slowly appreciate life more and have better control over their lives. Those who enjoy trying new foods are likely to be adventurous.

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Your Punctuality

Being punctual suggests a Type A personality, which means you are organized and take things seriously. If you are often late, you might be the more relaxed Type B personality who does not worry too much about schedules and has a happy-go-lucky attitude towards life.

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Your Smile

A natural smile implies you are extroverted, outgoing, and like meeting new people. If smiling does not come easy, you might be more of an introvert. Reports claim that pictures of people smiling make it easier to identify extroverted people.

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Your Spending Habits

How you manage money reflects your values and priorities. If you buy things without thinking, you might be someone who lives for the moment, is spontaneous, and self-indulgent. But if you are a careful spender, you are likely patient, observant, and think things through.

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Your Posture

Good posture is not just about physical health but also mental state. How you stand or sit can show whether you feel confident. Standing straight means feeling good about yourself while swaying while standing can indicate anxiety and indecisiveness. A hunched-back often suggests low self-esteem.

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Your Physical Movements

Subtle body language, like the direction in which you point your feet or the openness of your stance, can reveal your true feelings and intentions even more than words sometimes. Leaning forward and open hands indicate a connection, while crossed legs or arms suggest defensiveness or aggression.

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How You Roll Toilet Paper

Believe it or not, whether you put the toilet paper roll over or under can show whether you like taking charge or are more laid back. If you place it overhand, you are probably assertive, while underhand means you are submissive.

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How You Dress

Your personal style is how you want the world to see you. Wearing bright clothes and lots of accessories might mean you like attention. Choosing simpler clothes could mean you are more grounded.

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Biting Your Nails

If you bite your nails, it might mean you like things to be perfect and get anxious when they are not. It is a way to feel better by doing something rather than sitting idle when you are disappointed with something.

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Your Selfies

How you take selfies can show if you are open to new experiences or prefer to be alone. Happy, friendly people might take pictures from below to look more welcoming.

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Your Phone Addiction

Checking your phone constantly might mean you are looking for something more exciting or you are not happy. You might be more content or shy if you do not look at your phone much.


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