15 Signs You’re with An Unpleasant Person

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There are at least 15 signs you’re with an unpleasant person, and you should pay attention to all of them. At the very least you’ll find yourself thankful and find a reason to excuse yourself.

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They do nothing but complain

We all complain now and then when life throws us a curve, it’s normal. But the truly unpleasant person will never stop, even when life is going well for them. Complaining about life is how they relate to others.

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They’re very selfish

It’s not bad to show selfishness when it’s warranted, since self-care is important. But the unpleasant person tends to take care of themself always and without exception. The desire to take care of others isn’t a part of their DNA.

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They know how to talk a lot of junk about others

People who gossip aren’t all bad unless this is all they do without balancing out the ups and downs of others. If all a person does is tear a person down behind their back, what are they saying about you when they’re not around?

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Empathy is not their strength

Being able to understand and share what another person is going through isn’t required of all human beings, but it’s important to understand what it is and at least make an attempt. Unpleasant people have little to no concept of how to do this or choose not to.

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They’re not reliable on their best day

In any good relationship, it’s important to know that you can trust a person and rely on them. An unpleasant person will often find a way to flake out and make an excuse that doesn’t pan out. Building trust with these folks is like building a home on a sliding cliff face.

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The arrogance is obvious 

There’s confidence, and there’s arrogance. Unpleasant people are arrogant in a way that rubs everyone wrong at one point or another. They can’t dial it down, or won’t, and want everyone to know how great they are.

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They have to be heard

As far as they’re concerned, the conversation isn’t interesting unless they’re talking about their life or something they value. As far as everyone else is concerned, well, they’re not worried about that.

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They don’t have consideration for others

From interrupting people to not paying attention when others are talking, they don’t know how to avoid their rude behavior. If it’s not stimulating them somehow, they don’t care.

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There’s no respect

It’s always said that respect is earned before it is given, but these folks don’t know how to earn it, just take it. The trick with this is that taking respect isn’t easy, or even possible sometimes.

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Lack of humor 

Have you ever met someone who could dish out the humor but not take it when it was re-directed? These folks know how to make fun of others, but have no chill when the jokes are aimed back at them.

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They don’t have any social awareness

The idea of ‘reading the room’ is important in social situations. It allows us to know how to act, when to act, and when to stay silent. These folks have no idea how to read the room and don’t care, they’ll practice their own social cues when and wherever they like.

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They’re overly critical 

The funny thing about this is that much like their sense of humor, these people lack self-awareness. They’ll criticize everything and everyone around them, but can’t look in the mirror and do the same thing.

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They’re always right, in their mind

Living in delulu-land is a state of normalcy for these people since they can’t take fault for anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a minor thing or something major, they’re right no matter what, and everyone else needs to step up and take the heat for any faults committed.

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They try to take charge of every conversation

Sadly, it doesn’t even matter if they know what they’re talking about or if they know what anyone else is saying. They need to direct the conversation, it’s almost like a compulsion.

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They have to be the main characters in every situation

These folks have to be the center of attention, never the outlier or the bystander. The level of attention they demand is beyond insane, but sometimes karma is in effect and things work out.


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