15 Signs You Were Bullied As A Child

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There are at least 15 signs you were bullied as a child. The upside is that by recognizing them you’ll recognize this in others.


They’re always on high alert

Old habits are hard to break, especially when they’re learned young. The person who looks like they’re casing the place or seeking out every nook and cranny was probably on the lookout for trouble as a kid.

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They root for the underdogs a lot

It’s very easy to understand why someone would root for an underdog when they’ve been there before. If you were bullied as a kid then you know what it’s like to see the bully get their comeuppance.¬†<

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Reflection is a big part of their character

They’re either caught up in their own thoughts or they’re on top of just about everything in their life. It’s a delicate balance, but they do tend to grow and improve throughout their lives.

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They keep their social circle tight

If you were bullied as a kid then you know what it means to keep your real friends close. It’s usually better to keep a few close friends than have a large group of acquaintances you know little about.

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Using humor in tough times is normal

The trick about this is that if you were bullied as a kid, you might have found humor as a great way to deflect the pain that such an activity caused. It’s a defense mechanism that can keep a person sane, on the level, and more importantly, from breaking to pieces.

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Being independent is important 

When you’re young and have a bully who won’t leave you alone, it’s time to stand on your own or fade into the background and hope for the best. People who choose the former often find that independence is liberating as they forge their own path forward.

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They’re usually very observant

Assessing their surrounding is normal for people who have been bullied. This is especially noticeable in new surroundings.

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They stand up against bullying

They know what it feels like, and they will call out bullying behaviors in others. They might not turn into a do-gooder who stands up for everyone, but they will call it out when they see it.

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They don’t rattle easily

These people have gone through enough that they don’t cut and run when trouble arises. They’ve already seen some of the worst that humanity can offer no matter how petty it sounds. Standing up is a matter of more than pride at this stage.

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They don’t hand out their trust easily

When one or more people have abused your trust, it’s tough to know who to trust. This is why people who have suffered through bullying are choosy about who they trust. They want to know that they can rely on the people they bring into their lives.

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Don’t mess with the comfort zone

A church is seen as a sacred place, but so is the comfort zone of someone who’s gone through childhood trauma. These people will only let those they approve of enter their space, and it’s an honor if you’re one of them.

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Their work ethic is incredibly strong

When it comes to tasks and projects these people do a deep dive. They want the job done, but they want perfection from themselves as well.

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They don’t like being the center of attention¬†

They don’t run into the spotlight that often. For one reason or another, those who have undergone bullying in their lives want to stay in the background where they’re content. Those rare moments when they want to stand out are reserved for when they believe fully in what they’re seeking.

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Their mediation skills are sharp

They’ve been there, they’ve seen things, and they’ve figured out how to diffuse one situation or another. It’s tough to think about, but thanks to childhood traumas such as bullying, some people can produce an effect that’s beneficial to many people.

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They’re often way too critical of themselves

Unfortunately, those who were bullied as kids might not head in all the right directions. They can be very hard on themselves in a lot of ways thanks to high standards and bad memories.


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