15 Signs You Need To Raise Your Dating Standards


There are usually 15 signs you need to raise your dating standards. Learn to find the red flags when things aren’t right.

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You’re not happy in the relationship

This should be one of the biggest red flags of any relationship. No matter what’s happening, it’s time to assess your dating standards and fix them, or move on.

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Your needs aren’t being met¬†

A relationship takes two people to work. It’s not a one-way street, since the care and love needs to come from both directions.

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You feel lonely 

Your dating standards need to change if you feel alone when you’re with someone. When you’re involved with another person that feeling of loneliness is meant to go away, not remain.

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You excuse their behavior

If you have to apologize or explain away a rude behavior exhibited by your SO then that’s a good sign that your dating standards have lowered. If you’re worried about being alone that’s valid, but it’s better to start over and find someone who won’t make you do this.

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The relationship feels draining

When you’re with someone that lights you up inside it’s energizing. You want to go out and do things, you want to spend time with them. If this isn’t happening, it’s time to change your dating standards.

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There’s little to no trust left

Looking over your shoulder and wondering what your SO is doing is not a pleasant feeling. If there’s doubt, then far too often there’s no doubt that something is wrong.

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The people who care about you are worried

This isn’t always the best barometer since despite caring for you, your family and friends don’t have the final say on your love life. But if they express genuine concerns then it’s wise to listen to them at least.

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You find yourself changing for your SO

Your SO, if they’re ‘the one’ needs to love you for who you are. If you need to change for them or find yourself doing this unconsciously, it’s time to reevaluate and possibly move on.

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There’s no effective communication

This is way more crucial than a lot of people realize. If you can’t communicate with your SO then what’s the point? It’s only a matter of time until a misunderstanding causes a serious problem.

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You make the only effort

A relationship does require a lot of effort from both people. If one shoulders the entire load it doesn’t work since this creates resentment, forces compromises, and promotes exhaustion in a relationship.

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Your goals don’t appear to matter

Even in a relationship, there’s room for individuality, unless your SO is ready to deny or ignore your personal goals. You still need to grow as a person in whatever way you desire.

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You don’t feel right about the relationship

If there’s any doubt then there may be time to correct it and save the relationship. But if this feeling continues to persist, it’s probably time to move on.

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There’s little to no emotional depth between the two of you

Attraction isn’t enough for more than a one-night stand. Without feeling something deeper, some connection that can bind you, there’s no need to stick around.

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You don’t share the same values

Without the same core beliefs, this is a rocky road you’re deciding to walk. People who don’t share that many things in common don’t often stay together long, if at all.

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You don’t spend enough time together

A lot of couples have odd working hours and shifts that keep them apart for a long time. Military husbands and wives know all about this. But if nothing else on this list exists to counter this, too much distance will be a relationship-killer.


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