10 Signs You Are Anti-Social


There are more than 10 signs that you are anti-social. However, some people would argue that you just enjoy your alone time.

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You get nervous at the thought of going out

Just the idea of being around other people makes you sweat a bit. You are only anti-social though if you react negatively to a crowd. It’s a fight or flight response, but if you stay and fight then yes, you’ve got an issue.

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You covet your close relationships

Those few people you let into your private world are yours, and they’re not supposed to hang out with anyone else. The fact that they have other friends is kind of a bother, but it’s almost like a betrayal if you are anti-social.

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You don’t make friends easily

This should come as no surprise since you don’t do well in crowds. If someone does manage to get past your less-than-friendly exterior then they’re lucky, kind of.

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You prefer doing things alone

Another obvious point, you really don’t like doing things with others unless you trust them, and you don’t trust a lot of people. Too many people can make a mess of anything, right?

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You make excuses for missing various events

You’re sick, you have a prior engagement, whatever it takes. If there’s an excuse to miss a social event, you’ll use it.

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You feign sickness when someone asks you out

Again, you don’t hesitate to bring up an excuse if someone wants to get you out where social graces and manners are needed. A friend could get you out, but it probably has to be worth their time.

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You’re not good at accepting help

If you don’t want a lot of people around in the first place, why would asking them to help be different? Unless you can’t do it yourself, it’s fair to say that you’ll take care of it, whatever it is.

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You identify as an introvert

Of course, you would. Some people are introverts with extroverted tendencies, but not you. You own that introvert title.

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You plan your time outside the house to miss the crowds

It’s possible, and many people schedule their life around it. To miss traffic and miss crowds all one needs to do is observe the busiest times and avoid them.

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You prefer to separate yourself from humanity

This is a little extreme, but feeling as though you have a place all to yourself is heartwarming. People are kind of just, in the way sometimes.


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