15 Reasons Men Are Staying Single

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There are at least 15 reasons why men are staying single. Several of them have to do with their own self-esteem.

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Low self-esteem

Due to issues they’ve had as children or as married men, or men in relationships, many men are staying single these days because their self-esteem is tattered. A guy can only take so much before he says to hell with it.

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Not interested in relationships

There are a lot of reasons why men are not interested in settling down with women. A lot of it has to do with the difficulties of dating.

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Lack of social skills

It’s tough to know who to look at for this since there are a lot of responsible parties. But men do need to hone their social skills if they want to find a partner. Otherwise, it’s best to stay single.

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Severely introverted

A lot of guys have an issue getting out there to find someone to party with. Is this anyone’s fault? Not really, but it’s time to break out of the shell.

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Bad previous experience

It’s not much of an excuse to stay single, but bad previous experiences are hard to get over. Still, rather than slip up and find another partner who’s the same, a lot of guys would rather stay single.

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Different priorities

School, work, friends, kids…there are a lot of other priorities that will take up a man’s time. If a woman can’t understand those and work with them then oh well.

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Lack of trust in women

More often than not you’ll hear about how women can’t trust men. But there are plenty of instances when men refuse to trust women after being burned once or twice.

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Lack of money

A lack of funds shouldn’t mean that you’re afraid or hesitant to talk to women. But the truth is that forming a relationship does mean that both partners need to work and produce cash flow. Some guys are happier making less and paying for less.

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Fear of rejection

Out of all the reasons for staying single, this is one of the most crippling. Men do fear rejection since it beats the hell out of their ego and makes it clear that to some women they’ll never be good enough.

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Lack of achievements 

A lot of women state that they want an accomplished man, and don’t want anything to do with losers. The sad part about this is that there are a lot of guys out there who haven’t done anything fantastic or special but who are still worth getting to know.

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Poor character

If you have a poor character and know it that’s something to work on. If you enjoy being someone that people avoid, well, that’s a good reason to stay single.

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Depression makes staying single very simple since many people don’t want to deal with this massive issue. But those that do and want to nurse you back to mental health bear watching since if they’re genuine then so be it, but if they’re not then keep looking.

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Lack of time

It’s a busy world we live in, and not everyone has the time to head out to the club on the weekend. Even casual dating can take up too much time for some guys. As one of the reasons why men are staying single, this is near the top for some guys.

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Can’t find the right woman

It’s also possible that guys are too picky and looking for all the wrong things. There’s no way to let guys off the hook entirely since men do want certain things from women that aren’t always realistic.

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You would think most people would lose this in grade school or sometime after. But the unfortunate fact is that some men are insanely shy and don’t get out much.


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