15 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

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There are several reasons dogs are better than cats, but it’s a debate that’s still ongoing. Some folks are dog lovers, others enjoy cats. But the bottom line is that dogs are, on average, a lot friendlier.

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The reasons why dogs are better than cats have a lot to do with their unwavering loyalty. Most dogs are likely to form a stronger bond with their human companions due to a pack mentality.

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Excitable energy 

Plenty of dogs are known as excitable and can get jazzed about many things. Their high energy and enthusiasm for fun can help the mental and physical health of their owners.

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Remember what you just read about the pack mentality that dogs have? This extends to how they protect the pack, THEIR pack. Also, their heightened senses of smell and hearing are great for home security.

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Hygiene is easy

Dogs don’t need a lot of maintenance compared to cats. For one, they don’t produce hairballs that often, and apart from brushing their fur and teeth, they’re not hard to take care of.

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Emotional support

Dogs know when you’re feeling down, and they know how to support a person. Few animals in the world can sense your mood and help to alleviate your bad day if needed.

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Sure, you need to train a dog or obedience isn’t possible. But once trained, most dogs are eager to please and will do what you ask of them.

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Good exercise companions

The reason that dogs are better than cats is that dogs want to exercise with their owners. They want to run, to play, and to be silly now and then.

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Dogs love to play, at least most of the time. They’re easy to get riled up, in a good way, and are easily taught when it comes to how rough or how light they need to play.

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There are a lot of dogs to select from in terms of breeds. There’s a perfect dog for just about everyone out there.

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Training isn’t hard

Sure, some dogs are harder to train than others. But in the broader scope, dogs are much easier to train than cats, without question.

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Service animals

There’s a reason you don’t see cats as service animals that often. Dogs can use their training to help others, instead of serving their own needs.

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History proves their importance

There are numerous moments in history when dogs were vastly important for one reason or another. As hunters, herders, protectors, and even as symbols, dogs have held a great role in society for a long time.

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Dogs go the extra mile for their owners and those they care about. It’s not something that’s always accomplished so easily, but dogs will prove themselves worthy of note in many ways.

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Strong workers

You’ve heard the term ‘work like a dog’. There’s a reason why this idiom was created. Unlike cats, dogs are known for working when it’s required of them, and they’ll work tirelessly until a job is done.


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