15 Most Expensive Cheeses In The World

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The 15 most expensive cheeses in the world are likely those you’ve never heard of. This isn’t the stuff you find in the store.

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Pule is made from the milk of a Balkan donkey and takes 25 liters of milk to make one kilogram. Not only that, but one kilogram costs around $600, making it one of the most expensive cheeses in the world.

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Hailing from the Cabrales commune of Spain’s Asturias Principality, a block of this stuff is incredibly spendy. A block weighing less than 3 kilograms went for around $16,000 in 2018, and that easily makes it one of the most expensive cheeses in the world.

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Moose Cheese

This is usually sold by the pound, which costs roughly $445. This stuff comes from Sweden and the household that makes it only produces around 300 kilograms per year.

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White Stilton Gold Cheese

The aging process for this cheese is longer and a lot of the expense came from using gold liquor to make this batch. You can imagine that this stuff is kept under lock and key, so to speak.

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Wyke Farms Cheddar

As the biggest producer of cheese in Britain it’s not tough to think that they can command a high price. The cost usually depends on the cheese, but they can run from as low as $14 to $200 per pound.

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Extra Old Bitto Cheese

There are regulations in this part of the world as to how the cheese can be made. But the average cost is around $150 per pound.

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Rogue River Blue Cheese

Oregon has taken its rightful place when talking about several food products, and cheese is one of them. While the price for this cheese is around $75 per pound, it does have a unique taste that comes from the fact that grass around this region grows late into the year, and after consumption, it affects the final product.

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Caciocavallo Podolico

Technically this means horse cheese, but don’t worry, it’s not made from horse milk. The price of this stuff is around $50 per pound and has a distinct aftertaste thanks to the diet of the cattle that produce the milk.

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Jersey Blue Cheese

The product does take its name from the Jersey breed of cattle, but it’s made in Switzerland. Not only that, but it goes for around $45 per pound.

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Beaufort d’Ete

The name translates to ‘summer Beaufort’, and it comes from France. The cost is around $45 per pound, and it’s a very suitable cheese for fondue.

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Vintage Cave Aged Gruyere Cheese

Switzerland is definitely a cheese nation among other things. For $45 per pound, you can take home this gentle and complex-tasting cheese.

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Cacio Bufala

This stuff is made from buffalo milk, which makes it a little harder with a creamy texture. It sells for around $43 per pound and is a little more available to the average consumer.

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Gorau Glas Cheese

The manual labor and ingredients contribute to the cost of this stuff in a big way. It’s typically around $40 a pound and takes its name from the farm where it’s made on the island of Anglesey.

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Sbrinz AOP Swiss Cheese

This is a hard cheese that gets grated before consumption, much like parmesan. It runs around $35 a pound and has a rather nutty and fruity flavor.

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Jasper Hill Farm’s Winnimere Cheese

Amazingly, this cheese is only aged for 60 days. It runs around $30 a pound, is soft, and gives off a pungent smell.


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