15 Mental Health Websites for Young People

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Mental health websites for young people are needed since mental illness among young people is no joke. There’s no age limit for mental health, and helping anyone who is afflicted with a disorder or illness of any type needs the sites listed below.

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There is still a stigma that affects those with mental illness. This site is designed as a mental health website for young people who need help to break free from those stigmas.

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It’s tough to deal with a stigma on your own. NoStigmas is unique among mental health websites since the help offered is given in a manner that takes into account the differences in each individual.

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This site is geared more toward adults who were diagnosed from a young age with one mental illness or another. But it works for young people as it lets them know that they’re not alone.

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Transitioning from high school to college brings a lot of challenges. This mental health website is here to help with those issues and keep people informed about their mental health issues.

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Speaking of Hope supports mental wellness for young people. Using key resources and positive connections, this site is geared toward helping anyone who needs help.

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Mental health websites are plentiful on the internet. Those that feature real stories from real people are the most helpful.

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The human experience is anything but simple. Mental health websites such as You Matter make it clear to those they help that their self-worth is real and worth preserving.

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Mental health websites are not created the same. The Trevor project lets you reach out to counselors and access valuable information for your disorder, which is invaluable.

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Utilizing discussion topics centering around mental health, campus life, and many others, Strength of Us is a useful online community. It was developed by the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

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This is one of the mental health websites designed specifically for young people. Developed by the National Association of Broadcasters, it’s where young people can learn a great deal about their mental health.

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Mental health disorders are a major issue among young people. Eating disorders are a part of this that need recognition and treatment as well.

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Young people need a safe community where they can support each other. This 24-hour service is always open and welcomes anyone who needs their help.

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Some folks aren’t comfortable getting on the phone to talk, so Textline is here to help. Trained crisis counselors are available at any time to respond and offer their guidance and expertise.

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The Herren Project has a positive history of helping those in need. Their services and support are here to help anyone who needs it and to help people live free from drug and alcohol addiction.

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Teens need help sometimes. Teen Mental Health has the resources and skilled professionals to assist those in need.


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