Top 10 Liberal Arts Colleges

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Liberal arts colleges don’t get nearly enough credit sometimes, but they do manage to educate their students and create innovation that’s helpful and necessary. The top liberal arts colleges in the USA are those that are some of the toughest to get into as well.

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Williams College-Massachusetts

Williams holds the top spot in liberal arts colleges for many reasons. From covering roughly 85% of financial aid to free books, this institution caters to many students in need.

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Pomona College-California

This place has the benefits of a small liberal arts college and the facilities of a much bigger institution. The acceptance rate is rather low, but the quality of one’s education reflects this in a big way.

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Bowdoin College-Maine

This college is older than the state in which it sits. Not only that, it helped to educate such individuals as Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, as well as industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Amherst College-Massachusetts

The open curriculum and the fact that it has only one required class are enticing for many students. But students still have to pass specific courses related to their degree, so it’s a worthwhile education.

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>Wellesley College-Massachusetts

Massachusetts is known for its great educational system and several high-quality institutions. This liberal arts college is an all-girl college, and it’s quite demanding, making it one of the more competitive schools in the nation.

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Claremont McKenna College-California

This is another college with a very low acceptance rate. But the payoff for this strict selection process is the ability, for the students, to enjoy a quality education that will open a large number of doors.

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Swarthmore College-Pennsylvania

Any liberal arts college that offers an undergraduate engineering program is bound to have a low acceptance rate. But the idea that people will come out of this place better, smarter, and more capable is one of the goals of such a process.

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Middlebury College-Vermont

The language programs at this liberal arts college are amazing and diverse since they range from Arabic to Spanish. A polyglot would no doubt find this place seriously enticing.

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Washington and Lee University-Virginia

This school is about ninth on the list of liberal arts colleges, and its acceptance rate is a little less stringent. But it’s a tough school all the same since breaking the honor code has one result, expulsion.

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Haverford College-Pennsylvania

Founded by the Religious Society of Friends in 1833, this school operates on a strict honor code. Not only that, but the students determine the tenets of the honor code and decide what is essential to the college.


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