15 Legal Things That Should Be Made Illegal

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There are at least 15 things in society that should be made illegal. There are a lot more obviously, but we need to start somewhere.

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Canceling a subscription

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to sign up for something if you have the money? Why can’t canceling that subscription end just as easily without the twenty questions and weeks and weeks of follow-up emails and calls?

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Trusting insurance companies instead of doctors

Do insurance agents attend medical school for years? Then why listen to them when doctors recommend one thing and they disagree?

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Politicians buying stocks

Sure, they’re human beings and have rights too. But when you have a say in how the economic landscape is shaped it’s kind of unfair to profit from it.

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Politicians approving their raises

You can imagine how people would react if they could all control their raises, right? Also, thinking that politicians can do this is scandalous since it’s like opening the pantry to a hungry hog and expecting them to sit still.

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No one is too big to fail, even banks

Sure, this could work against a lot of people if a bank fails. But in a nation where one bank failing could wreck things horribly, it might be time to place a few needed regulations on the institution.

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Different prices for different insurance companies

Honestly, if we went on and on about doctors and insurance companies we’d be here all day. But the ‘rules for thee but not for me’ rule that applies here between insurance companies and doctors is more than a little irritating.

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Products that are designed to wear out

There’s no money in creating goods that last for a generation or more since there’s no repeat business. But that also means that people will keep buying things since they’re going to break one way or another.

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Keeping part-time workers from full-time to avoid giving them benefits

This is petty, harmful, and one of the dirtiest tricks in the book that’s still somehow legal. Freelancers deal with this as well but in a slightly different manner. The point is that if companies can save a buck, they’ll find a way.

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No transparency in the costs of medicine

Did you notice this the last time you were at a hospital? There’s little to no talk of the cost of a procedure, medicine, or anything. But you know that the bill is being loaded and readied for later use.

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Pop-up ads

Does anyone like these things? They’re an annoyance now and they’ve been an annoyance for a while. Among all the things that should be made illegal, ads are among the things that probably never will be.

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Ads featuring fake demos for apps

It’s easy to get excited about a game that looks like a lot of fun while waiting for an ad to be over. But once you play the game you find out the demo is nothing like it. That should be made illegal simply because it’s a giant bait and switch.

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Too bright headlights

Is there any reason that a person needs a spotlight in front of them when driving down a well-lit road? Sure, it’s acceptable in the fog or on a pitch-black night, but come on.

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Not flushing your dirty business

If that’s your style at home, gross, but to each their own. In public though, get rid of the nasty evidence and do everyone a favor.

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Right up there with insurance sales, a lot of people think this job is made for those who love to torture others. Not only that, but a lot of them appear to thrive on scamming people. This should be made illegal, but it’s easy to think that it won’t.

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Pharmaceutical ads

Sure, the upsides sound great when you think about it. But then the laundry list of side effects comes along and people’s jaws drop as they wonder why anyone would roll the dice in this manner.


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