15 Hiding Spots Where Burglars Look First

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Hiding spots where burglars look first are often considered, by some, to be the sneakiest spots to hide a few extra dollars. The unfortunate part of this is that plenty of burglars who are dedicated to their less-than-respectable craft are smart enough to know where to look.

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Under the mattress

A lot of us have heard stories of our grandparents hiding their riches under the mattress, right? It’s not a horrible hiding spot, but it comes with a lot of issues, since flipping a mattress isn’t that tough.

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Bedroom closet

As one of the hiding spots where burglars look first, this is high on the list for a few reasons. People often sock things away in the closet and forget about them. Funds for a rainy day can find their way onto a closet shelf where they’ll collect dust for a while and possibly lie forgotten for a while.

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Dresser drawers

The sock drawer or even the underwear drawer is not a deterrent to thieves, no matter if one tries to make it that way. A determined thief will rifle through a person’s delicates without a second thought if it means turning up a wad of cash or something more valuable.

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Portable safe

This could easily fool or divert a thief’s attention from the real hiding spots since safes are essentially treasure chests to burglars. A lot of people believe in the security a safe brings, at least until they realize that thieves often have an encyclopedia of knowledge on how to crack them.

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Medicine cabinet

This feels like an odd spot to put money or valuables, but it’s also a little too obvious. The average medicine cabinet doesn’t change that often unless one has a slew of physical ailments that need constant medication.

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Toilet tank

It’s an odd spot, that’s for certain, but that’s also why it’s one of the spots where thieves look. One could find carefully wrapped bills, valuables, or maybe something a little more daring, like a weapon.

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It’s all food, right? It’s insanely easy to hide a wrapped and bagged wad of cash in the freezer. Pick a food that no one in the house likes and stick the cash in an empty box, and voila. Instant safety, right?

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Kitchen cupboards

So, is this is a great spot to hide valuables and money, or too obvious? It kind of depends on the person and the thief in question, but it’s a definite target for those seeking goods that aren’t theirs.

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Office drawers

It makes sense that someone might use their office desk to hide something valuable, and a lot of thieves would likely test that theory. Of course, there are dozens of ways to strengthen this hiding spot, such as locks and technological means.

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This feels like an obvious spot that could serve as a great fake-out. Thinking that a thief would overlook a vase is easy, but it’s kind of risky too.

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Welcome mat

Sure, very few people leave anything that valuable under a mat. Unfortunately, this is a lazy and very common spot for a key, which is even worse considering that it gives access to your valuables.

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Liquor cabinet

Strangely, this doesn’t feel like an obvious spot considering that it’s open, it’s in your face, and it stands out in ways other spots don’t. But to a thief who knows what to look for, well, it’s kind of ironic in a way that some leave valuables in such places.

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Hidden linings, openings, zippers, etc., are very common. But one has to think about the dimensions of the average suitcase. It’s a possibility to find something special, but not a guarantee.

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Sugar jar

This is an old-school method that a lot of people still use today. Honestly, sometimes the old ways are still useful.

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It’s an interesting spot to look, especially since it can confound and irritate thieves who are looking for valuables. Hey, literature is valuable, at least to some folks.


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