20 Self Destructive Habits Of Unhappy People


The 20 habits of unhappy people are very easy to detect since they’re often habitual and are not desirable in society. Unfortunately, these habits are very self-destructive.

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Always focusing on the negative 

One of the key habits of unhappy people is always focusing on what’s negative. Even if the situation they’re in is positive, they’ll find fault with it.

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They want control over life

Sadly, the habits of unhappy people do not make them content to wallow in their misery. Many unhappy folks want a measure of control over things that are outside their sphere of influence.

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They believe that life is hard and there’s nothing to do about it

The unfortunate truth is that life is hard. But focusing on the difficulties and not the solutions is self-defeating.

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They gossip and moan about life 

Unhappy people tend to gripe and moan about issues that are not their own. It’s a way to deflect from their life and personal issues.

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They compare themselves to others constantly

Their lives are so unbearable at times that they feel the need to compare what they have with others and why their life is less appealing. It’s a way to minimize the success of others to make them feel better.

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They surround themselves with things

Unhappy people who don’t have a lot of friends or don’t know joy in their lives will tend to fill the void with things. They’ll make impulse buys and try to impress others with their things to feel better about themselves.

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They don’t trust strangers easily

They might have serious trust issues resulting from trauma, or they might not want to share the spotlight with others. In any case, this is a negative reaction that keeps them from growing as an individual.

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They quit too easily

There’s no real ambition in unhappy people since they often feel beaten down by the world. For whatever reason, they have no drive to do better.

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They lay the blame on everyone else

Nothing is ever their fault. The world owes them something, people owe them something, etc.

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They carry grudges

Unhappy people can’t let anything go since it’s something to hold onto that they feel they can control. A grudge is, in some ways, a guilt trip that they can lay on someone at a later date.

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They’re not hopeful about the future

Unhappy people might look to the future, but they see it as another chance for something bad to happen. They don’t see the possibility of any positives that could affect them.

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They worry about what people think about them

This is chalked up to a case of paranoia that can lead to a persecution complex. They’re unhappy enough with their life that they believe others will judge them.

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They are quite selfish

Unfortunately, believing that the focus is on them makes it nearly impossible for unhappy people to think of others. This selfish behavior is self-defeating and often ruins relationships.

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They don’t express gratitude that often

Saying ‘Thank You’ is not a skill that many unhappy people have developed. They are often too wary that something else is lurking behind a person’s generosity.

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They make mountains out of molehills

It doesn’t take an unhappy person to do this. But unhappy people do worry too much about little things and turn them into big things.

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They ignore serious issues

It’s easy for unhappy people to act and sound petty. It takes away from the real issues they don’t want to deal with.

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They have no well-defined goals

It’s tough to have ambition when you don’t make goals. Unhappy people are too expectant of the next bad thing to happen.

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They don’t want to learn new things 

Learning new things is how people move forward and find happiness. Those dedicated to staying unhappy often refuse to learn.

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They are obsessed with money concerns

The old saying that money can’t buy happiness is true. It can help it, but unhappy people will find a way to keep their concerns at a constant high.

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It’s all about them

Their life is the most important, their issues are more pressing. In short, if people aren’t talking about them, they will find a way to make something about them, no matter what it is.


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