15 Facts About Wine You Didn’t Know

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Who does not love a glass of wine? We do. With a rich texture and a taste that takes over you, wine has been a favorite for years now. Wine is one of the oldest drinks humans made as permanent settlers, going back to around 6,000 BC. Here are 15 interesting facts about wine you probably did not know.

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Ancient Origins

Wine has an ancient history going back to 6000 BC. It was found that the earliest wine was made in what is now Georgia. This was the time when humans started building permanent settlements. This winemaking practice quickly spread in the ancient world. Currently, it has become an important part of various cultural diversities.

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Science of Terroir

The word “Terroir” comes from a French word that means a mixture of soil and climate. This term was used to determine the different aspects of a wine. Basically, this concept displays the environment in which wine is made. The flavor and the aroma enhance the taste of wine. Deep knowledge of the Terroir is important for wine cultivation.

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Thomas Jefferson, the Wine Connoisseur

The third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, was considered a dedicated wine lover. He introduced wine to America back in the days of the 1800s. Not only this, but he was also a wine collector and had great European wines in his collection.

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World’s Oldest Bottle of Wine

The oldest wine in the world was discovered in a Roman tomb in Germany, in the 1800s. Its name is Speyer Wine. Scientists claim that this wine is from 325 AD. Due to a long period of time, it is not drinkable anymore. But, it tells us how ancient humans used to practice winemaking. It is still preserved as it was found in a museum.

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Ice Wine Miracle

Ice Wine is considered a sweet and dessert-flavored wine. It is made out of grapes, which are naturally grown on a vine. This unique wine making practice is popular in the Nirvana region in Canada. This method focuses more on the richness of the sugars and grape flavors.

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Champagne Pop

We all get excited by the pop sound when someone opens a champagne. This is due to the pressure inside the bottle. A usual champagne bottle stores around 90 pounds per square inch of pressure inside it. This much pressure is approximately three times the number of car tires.

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Wine Legs Mystery

When someone swirls the glass of wine, they can notice the droplets forming around the side of the glass. This happens due to the difference in the surface tension between alcohol and wine concentrations. And this is a myth that these drops signify the poor quality of the wine.

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Ancient Wine Cups

Archaeologists discovered the ancient wine cups that were used to drink wine back in those days. This reveals the old practices of wine tasting and drinking habits. Some of the cups that were found are from 7000 BC. They were made out of rice, honey, and fruits.

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Bordeaux Blending Tradition

The Bordeaux region in France is renowned for its red wines. This often includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Malbec. These are considered prestigious wines due to their making process. They are made from different grape varieties, balancing their flavors.

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Wine Cork’s Bizarre History

From ancient times, a cork has been used as a wine stopper. But back then, extracting a cork from the oak tree had different practices. Woodcutters used to peel the tree after every nine years to make a good cork. This process was called corking.

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Judicious Aging of Fine Wines

Wines are known to improve in taste when they age. This process is called aging or maturation. Wine gets smoother and more tasty when kept sealed for longer durations. However, not every wine ages well, some get undrinkable after a few years. This makes the process of aging quite difficult.

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Red Wine and Chocolate Pairing

The combination of red wine and chocolate has been considered a great duo. Scientists claim that they both enhance the flavor of one another. The tannins in red wine strengthen the taste of chocolate, which makes it a delightful experience. Try this combination the next time if you have not already!

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World’s Largest Wine Cellar

The largest wine cellar in the world is Mileștii Mici, located in Moldova. It is 150 miles long and holds millions of bottles of wine. This cellar includes rare and vintage collections. The wines are kept in proper humidity and temperature for better aging.

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Amphorae Revival

Winemakers are deeply studying the practices of winemaking in ancient times. They discovered that ancient winemakers used to ferment wine in clay vessels. This practice enhances unique flavors and textures in wine. This process is called amphorae. Winemakers in Georgia have been using this technique for thousands of years.

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Wine Archaeology Mystery

Workers in Speyer, Germany, discovered a sealed Roman wine in 1867. They also found a barrel that was buried for more than 1600 years. Many archaeologists claimed the barrel had liquid, which tasted better than wine in modern times. This sparked the curiosity of the aging potential in wines.


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