15 Facts About Mr. Potato Head You Didn’t Know

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Mr. Potato Head is a much-loved character from the famous Toy Story movies. With his changeable face parts and fun personality, he has won over millions of fans worldwide. In this article, we will explore 15 interesting facts about Mr. Potato Head.

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Created by George Lerner

George Lerner’s inspiration for Mr. Potato Head came from his childhood memories. His aim was to make a toy that was both entertaining and educational. Lerner’s idea was to nurture young minds by letting them combine different sections into a potato shape. Despite initial disapproval over food waste issues during WWII, Hasbro finally accepted and successfully introduced this concepy.

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Ad for the First Toy on TV

The first Mr. Potato Head TV ad aired in 1952. It was one of the first times that ads were made specifically for children. The ad also showed that people of all ages liked the toy, not just kids. This TV commercial made Mr. Potato Head very popular and changed the future of toy ads.

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Use of Actual Vegetables

The original idea of using vegetables as toy parts was creative. It encouraged not only play but also active learning about food and the environment. However, Hasbro added a plastic potato body to improve the toy’s longevity and usability due to the difficulty of using perishable items like vegetables.

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Toy Story’s Iconic Status

Mr. Potato Head became more popular with the launch of the Toy Story movies. In these films, his character is shown to be funny, loyal, and sometimes a bit grumpy. This character brought a new generation of fans. Eventually, Mr. Potato Head became a well-loved character and a household name in popular culture.

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Sustainability Efforts

The “Mr. Potato Head Goes Green” initiative shows how toy businesses are becoming more conscious and dedicated to environmental sustainability. It shows how Hasbro promotes eco-friendly products, one of its iconic toys, by using plant-based polymers derived from sugarcane.

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Political Campaign Appearance

The funny story of getting write-in votes in a mayoral election in Boise, Idaho, shows how well-known Mr. Potato Head is and how much the general population adores his character so much that it can influence elections.

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Anti-Smoking Spokespud

The use of Mr. Potato Head in the fight against smoking shows how a well-known toy can promote social issues and public health concerns. This campaign showed how toys can positively impact society’s views and behaviors in addition to increasing the popularity of Mr. Potato Head.

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National Toy Hall of Fame Induction

Mr. Potato Head getting into the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong in Rochester, New York, shows how much people still like him. It is because he is unique, has been around for a long time, and is loved by kids over the years.

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Pop Culture Variants

The idea of making Mr. Potato Head sets based on popular media franchises, like movies or TV shows, shows that the toy can change and be modern. These special editions appeal to fans of the franchises and serve as a bridge between generations.

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April Fools’ Day Joke – Mr. Avo Head

Hasbro’s fun ideas show they are keeping up with what is popular and funny. On 1 April 2019, Hasbro made a funny announcement that they will be replacing Mr. Potato Head with Mr. Avo Head. Mr. Avo Head will feature an avocado instead of a potato.

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Inspiration for Digital Games

Mr. Potato Head has inspired digital games like the ‘Hasbro Family Game Night’ series. Mr. Potato Head also inspired a Mac OS game called ‘Ktuberling’. In this game, players can create their own potato-like characters, adding features and accessories just like with Mr. Potato Head.

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Rebranding for Gender Inclusivity

In February 2021, Hasbro revealed a new version of its toy line that was gender neutral. They removed the specific gender titles and introduced a new logo for “Potato Head,” along with a bigger playset. They still had the classic Mr. and Mrs. characters, but people loved Hasbro for being progressive.

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Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head in Commercials

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head showed up in commercials for Lay’s Potato Chips. It showed Mr. Potato Head catching Mrs. Potato Head eating the chips, even though she is a potato herself. At last, Mr. Potato Head also joined her, and they decided to keep it a secret.

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Parodies of Mr. Potato Head and Michael Jackson

In 1990, the TV show In Living Color made fun of Mr. Potato Head and Michael Jackson. They joked about Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery and offered a Mr. Potato Head toy with different noses to represent Jackson’s changing nose.

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Mr. Potato Head Theme Park

Mr. Potato Head is part of a ride at Disney California Adventure Park and Walt Disney Studios Park in France. It is called Toy Story Midway Mania! It is based on the Toy Story movies. Visitors can see an animated version of Mr. Potato Head during the ride.


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