20 Cheapest Pets to Own

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Getting a pet can change your life in many beautiful ways. However, getting and managing pets can be expensive; thus, people often drop the idea. But what if we introduce you to cheap, easy-to-care-for pets? Yes, if you are planning to get a pet animal/ bird, consider our list of options below:

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Betta Fish

Starting with the vibrant Betta Fish, they are not just easy on the eyes but also light on the pocket. These aquatic buddies bring a splash of color to your space with minimal maintenance (including basic feeding and occasional tank cleaning). Betta fish makes an affordable finned friend, especially for beginners.

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Dive into the world of Goldfish – affordable aquatic pals that bring a touch of elegance to your living space. Setting up a goldfish bowl will not burn a hole in your pocket, and their low-maintenance care routine makes them a cost-effective choice. There is no need for elaborate fish tanks, as even a simple setup works fine for them.

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Who do you expect next on the list? Well, meet the pocket-sized charmers, Hamsters. These little fluff balls are not only adorable but also budget-friendly companions. With a straightforward diet, low-maintenance cage requirements, and nocturnal antics, Hamsters will not need to break the bank. In fact, Hamsters are quite entertaining, and their company is enjoyable.

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Guinea Pig

Looking for the cheapest pets to own? Go for Guinea Pig without any second thought. These furry fellows are not just cute; they are also economical buddies. They thrive on a simple diet and have a sociable nature, which means they require less constant attention. Besides that, guinea pig therapy? Well, some say their presence can be quite therapeutic.

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Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs are budget-friendly pets, and all they need is a cozy shell-lined home with no fancy setups. They are low-maintenance and can survive on minimal costs. All they need from their human friends is a suitable living environment, and they are good to go. When taken proper care of, they can live up to 15 years.

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These vibrant little fish are like living artworks that will not cost you a fortune. Guppies are known for their affordability and easy care. All they need is an aquarium and some colorful gravel, and that is it; you have got a lively underwater spectacle. They are even a popular choice for novice fish enthusiasts.

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Mice are tiny companions that will not empty your pockets. Setting up their space is simple and cost-effective. They make a good pet for beginners, however, on a condition of physical distance. Unlike rats, mice do not enjoy physical contact with humans. These furry friends are not just budget-friendly; they are also surprisingly social.

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Parakeets are like the budget-friendly chatterboxes of the pet world. A simple cage and some seeds are all that they need to keep you company. These talkative birds are known for their low-cost maintenance. They are, in fact, the easiest pets to train, particularly in their youth. Therapists suggest keeping Parakeets for their soothing chirps, which can be quite calming.

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Rabbits, the gentle hoppers, are surprisingly affordable. With a simple hutch and some veggies, they are all set to be your pet. They are not just budget-friendly but offer therapeutic companionship, too. The calming presence of rabbits is known to bring peace. The best part is that they socialize well and can be kept as co-pets with other animals.

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Believe it or not, tarantulas are quite economical to care for. All they need is a secure tank and some substrate, and that is it. The low maintenance and intriguing behavior make them an affordable exotic pet. However, they are not cuddly pets, nor do they socialize much. They are an excellent pet for beginners.

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Gerbils are like tiny balls of fur that come under the cheapest pet category. Although they are not very popular in the pet section, they are still an excellent choice. They make an excellent pet choice for kids and homes with less space. Gerbils are social creatures, so getting two is often recommended for their well-being.

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Looking for some backyard pet options? Although squirrels are not domesticated, they do make excellent backyard pets. These little guys are not only intelligent but also surprisingly affectionate. However, in return, they do not demand spending even a penny. Just offer them some nuts from your kitchen, and they will be happy.

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Canaries are one of the most popular bird pets and even the most affordable ones. Not only are they easy on your wallet, but their melodious tunes can also turn your home into a cheerful haven. In return, they do not demand much more than a comfy café and some bird seeds.

Photo by Verdian Chua – Unsplash

Leopard Gecko

Looking for a reptilian companion that is cheap yet beginner-friendly? That is a leopard gecko for you. These low-maintenance buddies are the land-living individuals of the lizard kingdom. Geckos create a minimal fuss, have a simple diet, and need nothing more than a cozy terrarium. In fact, therapists often suggest them for their calm demeanor.

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Want to bring a cheap, affordable pet home? Your search ends with the aquatic wonder, axolotl. Not only are they fascinating to look at with their feathery gills, but they are also surprisingly affordable to keep. A decent-sized tank, some cool water, and these marine wonders are sorted. In fact, they are very calm, docile, and suitable for beginners.

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Parrotlets are not just budget-friendly; they are also pint-sized bundles of joy. These tiny parrots bring color and charisma without costing much. Imagine having a feathery friend with a big personality, intelligence, and affection- they are Parrotlets for you. The best part about having them as pets is that although they are active, they are not very loud.

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Stick Insects

Although they are not very popular, stick insects make an excellent pet. They are low-cost, low maintenance, and can live in the tree in your backyard. Their camouflaging skills and affordable upkeep make them an exciting choice if you are looking to add a touch of the wild under budget.

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Cats are the no-nonsense animals in the pet category; they are affordable and cheap to own. They are independent, low-maintenance, and mingle well with kids and adults. Unlike many other pets, they do not demand constant attention and care. In fact, they can sleep for about 15 hours a day without bothering you much.

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Tweeting their way into our hearts, finches are relatively affordable pets. They are the budget-friendly musicians of the avian world. These feathered friends are relatively inexpensive and low maintenance. All they need is a small cage and some regular bird food. However, it can be essential to own a pair as they demand companionship.

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When considering adopting a cheap and affordable pet, dogs are an excellent option. Although not all breeds are affordable, there are many to consider. Chihuahua, Pug, Labrador, and Beagle are some affordable breads to own. These affordable and utterly adorable furballs are not just easy on your wallet, but therapists approve them as a source of joy.


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