The 10 Best States For Education

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The best states for education are those that can offer safety and a superior educational experience for their students. Some states offer one but don’t deliver on the other, but are still capable of existing on this list by dint of their graduation and retention rates.

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New Jersey

For all the flak it gets for many things, New Jersey does have a great school system. When it comes to safety it’s even considered to be one of the greatest in the nation.

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Keep in mind that this is where Harvard and MIT are located. Its safety ranking isn’t in the top 10, but its students are often some of the smartest in the country.

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Likely, many people don’t think much about Vermont in terms of education. But the truth is that it ranks rather high and its students go on to do great things.

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New Hampshire

Maybe all that intelligence wears off and crosses state lines since New Hampshire is well-known for its education system as well. It’s not that high in terms of safety, but the fact is that education is an important factor in the state.

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Funny enough, a lot of people look down on the South when it comes to education. Kansas proves that stereotype wrong though as one of the best states in the USA in terms of education.

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Colorado is a top state for education and the safety of the students is considered part of the success rate. It’s tough to top this state since it offers a great number of educational experiences that many people vie for.

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Located so close to the nation’s capital it’s fair to say that the smart people need to remain on point. The quality isn’t the best, but it’s close, and the standards are top-notch.

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Amazingly, the state of Minnesota sees such great results when its standards are fairly low. But then again, it does speak highly of their system.

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Maybe it’s a part of how things work in this part of the country, but Wisconsin’s success rate is much better than its quality. Having a good system is great, even if it doesn’t always make sense how low standards can produce high-quality students. It makes sense somehow.

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As quality goes up and systems are proven to work, one would think that everything would fall in line. As successful as Pennsylvania’s system is though, its safety standards are somehow insanely low.


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