15 Best Psychological Thrillers

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Psychological thrillers are meant to make a person think. Did you see what you thought you saw? Is the villain playing with the hero, or are they just waiting for the right move? In any case, gripping your armrest is one of the expected reactions to these movies.

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When talking about psychological thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most prominent names around. His direction in this movie is stunning since James Stewart sells the part of an acrophobic investigator perfectly.

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Shutter Island

It’s a tough movie to get through initially, but once a person understands the story, Shutter Island is undeniably tragic. Psychological thrillers are meant to make a person’s jaw drop, and this is no exception.

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Just imagine falling off a snowy cliff in your car and waking up to a manic smile as someone tells you they’re your number one fan. And to think, that’s not even when the terror begins.

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One has to wonder how much police procedure criminals know. In this movie, it’s evident that Jon Doe knows enough to stay one step ahead of Mills and Somerset until he’s ready for the game to end.

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Leonard knows that he’s on a mission, but that’s it. The idea that this movie builds itself backward from the end is intriguing, but it’s also shocking as each piece is set into place.

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Gone Girl

The idea that a woman would go to such lengths after feeling slighted and otherwise insulted isn’t tough for a lot of people to believe. But the runaround that this movie gives the viewers is, well, exhausting.

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Silence of the Lambs

It’s one thing to know that someone is a killer who likes to snack on his victims. It’s another to realize that the killer is highly intelligent and inclined to shift his appetite toward rude people. As for Buffalo Bill, well, that’s another part of the story.

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What makes this movie even more chilling is that it’s based on a real case. Whether it was ever solved or not is up to the belief of the viewers.

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It’s terrifying to think that there are reporters who think about crossing the line to get the scoop they need for their ratings. It’s even worse to realize that some of them might go that far.

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We Need to Talk About Kevin

What’s worse, a child who has no emotion, or a child whose emotions are negative to all but a single person? The worst part is that there’s no firm explanation of why Kevin acted the way he did.

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From Hell

As another interesting story about the notorious Jack the Ripper, From Hell is a thrill ride from start to finish. What happened in Whitechapel all those years ago isn’t much of a mystery, but the identity of the killer remains so to this day.

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What’s interesting about this movie is that the killer, played by the late Robin Williams, wasn’t a genius. But he was smart enough to use the sleep deprivation felt by Al Pacino’s character to his advantage.

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The Machinist

Insomnia is far more damaging than many think it is, and this film is a good way to prove it. When Trevor begins to lose himself to his delusions and finally breaks down, it’s revealed why he hasn’t slept in nearly a year.

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The Prestige

Clinging to illusions isn’t a great way to live, but for illusionists and magicians, it’s a way of life. When two great up-and-coming magicians go to war with each other though, the fallout is something that no one was able to expect.

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Cape Fear

People expect lawyers to do their job. But when a deranged psychopath discovers how his lawyer purposely bungled his trial, revenge becomes a full-time occupation.


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