Best Chocolate Chip Cookies By State

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Rating the best chocolate chip cookies by state is kind of tough considering that any chocolate chip cookie means comfort. But, in all fairness, some cookies are better than others for; well, reasons.

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Alabama – Cookie Fix

The cuisine in Alabama is unique even though a lot of it conforms to what people expect of the South. But Cookie Fix is something else since there are 80 different flavors, with chocolate chip cookies being just one of many of the best.

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Alaska – Fire Island Rustic Bread Shop

Warmth is a big deal in the northernmost state. These cookies don’t just provide that necessity, since many believe you’ll remember one of the fondest moments of your childhood when you bit into their chocolatey offering.

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Arizona – Uncle Biff’s California Killer Cookies

Yes, I get it, California is not Arizona, but if you get past that part then it’s very easy to enjoy these baked-from-scratch goodies. Not only are they good with every bite, but they’re easily big enough to sate most appetites.

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Arkansas – Three Best Bakery

What’s better than one chocolate chip cookie? Six cookies, warm and bagged to eat on the go or when you get where you’re going. Crumbly, chewy, and great whenever you want them, these baked num-nums can even be shipped to your home.

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California – Diddy Riese

Have you ever had a craving for cookies? It’s not just a pregnant lady’s craving, it’s very real, and Diddy Riese knows how to satisfy that craving.

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Colorado – The Colorado Cookie Company

How much more classic can you make a chocolate chip cookie? The Colorado Cookie Company found a way.

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Connecticut – Kathy’s Famous Cookies

It’s tough to mess up with a cookie since they’re so simple to make. Kathy’s bakes theirs daily, since how else does one do it?

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Delaware – Bella’s Cookies

How did they say it on Parks and Rec? Oh right, treat yo’ self. Bella’s reminds a lot of people how to do that with each bite.

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Florida – Batch, The Cookie Company

A twist on the chocolate chip cookie isn’t needed, but it’s interesting to think about. Batch makes their cookies ooze chocolate, and that’s just fine with us.

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Georgia – Yaaas! Cookies

The downside is that this shop closes on Mondays, but it’s open every day apart from that, so aces. If you like a soft top and a crunchy bottom then this is the place…for cookies.

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Hawaii – Mrs. Barry’s Kona Hawaii Cookies

You wouldn’t think that Hawaii is known for cookies, would you? But since 1980 this place has made it a rule to provide some of the best cookies in the islands. Plus, 16 to a bag? Yes, please.

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Idaho – Bear Paw Cookies

That name brings to mind some big cookies, doesn’t it? They’re thick, chewy, and have just enough crisp to avoid melting in your mouth.

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Illinois – Anneliese’s Cookies

Butter-based cookies, does it get any better? They’re not big, since too big and they’d likely cause a coronary in some folks. But they’re just perfect to give you the pop of flavor you want.

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Indiana – Amelia’s Fletcher Place

You can get your cookie on seven days a week at this place, so that’s a huge mark in this store’s favor. But with a modernized method of baking, you can get them quickly, and get them fresh. Hoo yeah.

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Iowa – Nan’s Nummies

A chocolate chip cookie should bring you back to childhood in a comforting way. Nan’s is one of those that knows how to make that happen. No frozen dough here, it’s all fresh.

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Kansas – Clocktower Bakery

There are a lot of different cookies to try here, but chocolate chip are still some of the most classic. When paired with a bowl of ice cream it’s fair to say that your taste buds will thank you.

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Kentucky – Kizito Cookies

Some people don’t enjoy the big, gooey, thick cookies. Thin and crisp doesn’t sound that delightful, but people here beg to differ. A crunchy cookie is still a good cookie.

brown cookies on white ceramic plate

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Louisiana – Caroline’s Cookies

Do you like a mounded cookie? This is where you need to go then, since each bite looks ready to burst with chocolate.

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Maine – Standard Baking Co.

A family-owned business that knows how to cater to its customers is always appreciated. Plus, if they make great cookies you can bet that people will stop in just to say hi.

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Maryland – Aunt Kelly’s Cookies

Some people like nuts in their cookies, others don’t. If you do though, Aunt Kelly’s makes them in a manner that invites you to fully enjoy the experience.

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Massachusetts – Top Shelf Cookies

Boston is a place where people flex their greatness sometimes and in some cases, this is earned. If you make the best cookie in the state, it’s something you can take pride in.

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Michigan – Treat You Batter

Some states aren’t known for baked goods. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean that they can’t become known for them. Mmm, soft and chewy cookies.

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Minnesota – T-Rex Cookie

These cookies are so good that they’re shipped across the US. This is one of those places where bigger is considered better.

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Mississippi – Campbell’s Bakery

While this place traded hands at one point, it was taken over by a pastry chef who knows what he’s doing. Hey, some things do get better when the business changes ownership.

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Missouri – Pint Size Bakery

You’ve got to love places that cook from scratch every morning. The only downside is that this place runs out of product at some point during the day because people love it so much.

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Montana – Wild Crumb

It’s amazing how a place can provide so many other baked goods and still count a cookie as one of its top products. That goes to show how great a chocolate chip cookie really is.

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Nebraska – Baked After Dark

A late-night sweet shop? That’s not something you see every day, but I guarantee I’d love to try it out.

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Nevada – CurlyTop Baker

Do you want chocolate chips in your cookie? This place will provide all the chocolate chips you can handle, and then some.

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New Hampshire – Potter’s House Bakery and Cafe

Locally-loved spots like this are great since they create a sense of pride in your community. It’s also a great excuse to get out of the house now and then.

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New Jersey – Bang Cookies

Jersey appears to have a lot of things that people want, and their cookies are no different. Even better, if you don’t live in the Jersey area you can get these shipped to you.

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New Mexico – Cravin’ Cookies

24 years of greatness have marked the success of this place since it started selling sweets in 2000. From local recipes to recipes that have been handed down through generations, this place has more than enough to qualify as the best.

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New York – Chip City Cookies

This name is all over New York and the crumbly cookies it produces are well-liked. There’s even a bit of extra sugar on top just to make it better.

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North Carolina – Southern Sugar Bakery

How often do you hear about sea salt in your cookies? It doesn’t sound all that great, but it adds another level that folks might not expect.

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North Dakota – Real Good Cookies

It’s as good of a name as any, right? Thankfully, it’s accurate.

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Ohio – Mrs. Goodman’s Baking

This place is known primarily for its cakes. But its cookies are one of the shining stars of their lineup.

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Oklahoma – OKC Sweets

Every state has a large number of places to sate your sweet tooth. In Oklahoma, this is the best of the best. It’s a little spendy, but the cookies are worth it.

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Oregon – PDX Cookie Co.

Gooey chocolate chip cookies are the thing in Oregon. Many people want to claim that there are better spots, but PDX is the spot to go.

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Pennsylvania – Nancy B’s Bakery

Cookies are an art form here, in terms of taste. Even if they’re not open on the weekends, they’re still the best, meaning you’d best find time between Monday and Friday to visit if you want a cookie.

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Rhode Island – Feed the Cheeks

This name says it all. You walk in, pick out your cookies, and cram until your cheeks are bulging. Just remember to chew.

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South Carolina – Silver Spoon Bake Shop

This is a little different since this place offers a pre-order menu that people select from. They get their cookies the following Friday. The cookies are good enough to warrant the wait.

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South Dakota – Queen City Bakery

Chocolate is one of the biggest offerings of this place, in cake or cookie form. They’re a little toasty around the edges, but the soft center makes up for it.

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Tennessee – Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company

How many places do you know that will add a splash of moonshine to give a little pep to their cookies? Granted, it will bake down, but there’s still something enticing about it.

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Texas – JD’s Chippery

You’ve heard the saying “Everything is bigger in Texas” right? You can just imagine how big these cookies get.

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Utah – RubySnap

Any place that ships cookies to your house is already one of the best. But with great taste and brown butter in the batter, hoo boy, that’s the stuff.

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Vermont – Vermont Cookie Love

There’s no extra waiting for these cookies, as they’ll ship out the same day they’re baked. Chocolate chip cookies delivered to your door is enough to make a person hungry the moment they hear it.

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Virginia – Livin’ The Pie Life

Some people come for the pie and stay for the cookies. Seriously, I think I’d go just for the cookies after seeing this place.

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Washington – Lowrider Cookie Company

The Pacific Northwest knows how to do a few things, and cookies are on the list. Brown butter is a popular ingredient in some states, and it’s used here extensively.

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West Virginia – Spring Hill Pastry Shop

Comfort food is sometimes the best food, right? Chocolate chip cookies are, without a doubt, one of the greatest comfort foods ever created.

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Wisconsin – Yummee Treats

You’ve got to love places like this that can back up their names. Gooey cookies that make you say yum are a definite must.

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Wyoming – Persephone Bakery

The bakery is a part of the experience, but the cookies are what people come to enjoy. Get there fast though, they sell out quickly.


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