15 Best Cat Breeds For Seniors

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Cats and seniors make an unbeatable team together. But not all cats can be good companions. You need to understand their temperament and maintenance to make that choice. Here are 15 of our best-recommended cat breeds for seniors looking for a furry friend.

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Himalayan cats are calm and gentle in nature. They prefer quiet and serene environments, making them a great companion for seniors who prefer a peaceful home. Known for their intelligence, devotion, and affectionate behavior, these cats may often seek attention through snuggles. They also adapt well to the routines of their human companions, making them low-stress pets.

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British Shorthair

The British Shorthair breed is known for their loyal and affectionate demeanor. They are not overly active and like to have their solo time without needing constant attention. These cats have a plush coat and require minimal grooming, making them great for older adults. Their easy-going temperament is a plus if you’re looking for a low-energy companion.

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Persian cats are among the most popular cat breeds. With a calm and docile nature, these cats easily bond with their human friends. We say they are one of the best for seniors because they require little grooming, are extremely gentle and loving, and prefer less active environments. They also bond well with dogs and are very well-mannered.

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Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthairs are a lively and affectionate cat breed that loves to play. Loyal, friendly, and intelligent are their standout traits. They are suitable for homes with multiple pets, though they need daily brushing.​ These cats quickly bond with their families and may be slightly protective of them if a stranger stops by.

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Scottish Fold

The Scottish Folds have a unique ear fold, which makes them easily recognizable. They are adorable, friendly pets who love active environments and enjoy outdoor play. These are not the best choice if you cannot provide them company. So, they are best fit for seniors who are moderately active and enjoy having pets around.

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These cats not only look stunning with their deep blue eyes but are also extremely well-mannered and friendly. Birmans enjoy human company and form deeply affectionate bonds with their families. They do not require a lot of grooming, but they will want your attention in the form of snuggles and play.

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Russian Blue

The Russian Blues are quiet and loving. Their most striking feature is their green eyes and blue-hued fur. They like human connections but are not clingy and maintain their own space. So, if you are looking for a low-energy cat that may be slightly vocal sometimes, Russian Blue will be your best companion.

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Maine Coon

The ‘gentle giants’ as they’re called. Maine Coons like to be independent, not overly clingy, and friendly. Also, being certified as therapy cats, these are great for older adults. They are kind and extroverted but also trainable, making them even better for low-mobility owners. You may find them following you around to show off their playful side every now and then.

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With black paw pads and whiskers, the Bombay cats resemble miniature panthers. Being moderate-energy cats and easy to maintain, they’re good for seniors who mostly stay home. They love being around people and seek attention with their playful antics. So, you may have to dedicate a little daily time to these furry friends.

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Pixiebobs have a wild appearance, but that’s completely opposite to their nature. They have the qualities of a dog, such as loyalty, intelligence, and affectionate behavior. You will find these cats purring around instead of meowing like other cats. There are the curious ones who like to be involved in family activities.

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American Bobtails

Known for their playful nature and short tails, American Bobtails are friendly and affectionate, though they may be too rowdy for some seniors. They have a muscular build and can easily blend with their owners and families. They are great for you if you love cuddles and people.

Photo by Nickolas Titkov/Wikipedia

American Curl

The American Curls adapt to any environment and thoroughly enjoy play sessions. They are curious and constantly exploring, thus forming a solid bond with active seniors. They are loyal, attentive, playful, and will always be by your side.

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With a dog-like personality, the Burmese cats love fetching play sessions and get along well with other animals, too. They are mischievous but also affectionate and loving. Being talkative and active, you can sometimes find these cats performing their own thing to entertain and bond with you.

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Sociable, friendly, and great companions for seniors, munchkins are tiny, agile pets that get along very well with seniors and children alike. They are energetic cats and love play sessions. Although not overly demanding, these cats like attention from their favorite people in the form of cuddles and petting.

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Bengal cats are active, social, and extremely intelligent. They get attached to their families quickly and remain forever loyal to them. They have a dog-like demeanor, love interacting with people, and learn tricks to entertain everyone. So, these are perfect for moderate to high-energy seniors who want a fun companion around.


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