15 Benefits To Owning A Dog

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There are many benefits to owning a dog since canines can be your best friend and the one being that can comfort you during the hard times. Not only that, they’re usually happy to see you, which is a health benefit a lot of people don’t account for.

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Increased Levels of Exercise

Getting older makes exercise more of a chore for a lot of people. But one of the benefits of owning a dog is that they need exercise, which means getting out and running with them is a great idea.

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Dog Ownership Can Reduce Your Chance of Eczema

This sounds like one of the stranger benefits of having a dog, doesn’t it? But somehow, owning a dog reduces the risk of eczema. If you’ve had it, then you know it’s better to go without it.

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Dogs Help to Prevent Social Isolation

Among the many benefits of having a dog is the fact that dog owners tend to talk to each other more often. Staying social is a lot easier when you have a canine companion to facilitate conversation.

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The Development of Emotional Bonds

The benefits of having a dog in the house are plentiful. However, developing a bond with your dog is highly satisfying on an emotional level.

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Dog owners are usually happier

Just imagine coming home to a wagging tail and a happy bark of welcome. Dog owners are much happier since they have someone to greet them at the door and spend time with them, among other reasons.

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Pain reduction is a huge benefit

Just for clarification, dogs are not pain-nullifiers in any way. But among the benefits of having a dog in your life, a dog can offer the type of therapy that drugs can’t replace.

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Reduced Anxiety

Unless you have a chronic mental illness, dogs can do more in a day than a therapist could accomplish in a month of sessions. Their ability to love unconditionally is great enough to stave off all but the worst of anxieties.

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Decreased Blood Pressure

The benefits of having a dog in the house warrant their own book. But lowered blood pressure speaks for itself since a dog helps their owner to chill out whenever possible, meaning less stress and fewer heart attacks, one hopes.

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Reduced Allergies and Asthma in Children

Anyone who’s ever seen their child wheezing and struggling for breath will want to pay attention to this benefit. Exposing a child to the family dog does carry the possibility of reducing the chance of allergies or asthma, which is a great benefit.

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Dog Owners Tend to Live Longer

People with dogs are less likely to die from a heart attack as studies say, but there are several more reasons for this. For one, it’s tough to maintain high blood pressure around a dog, at least most of the time.

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Dogs can help with weight loss

Think about it this way: dogs need to go out and exercise. The wise dog owner will go with them and find a way to make it enjoyable for both of them. Problem solved, kind of.

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Elderly dog owners don’t need to visit the doctor quite as often

This is debatable of course depending on the individual. But the thought is that dogs are beneficial to senior citizens in many ways, not the least of which is to keep them young at heart, and active.

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Improved Well-being in Alzheimer’s Patients

It’s tough to figure this one out without looking at the studies that exist. But after taking a peek, it’s fair to say that dogs are capable of reducing a few of the negative side effects of Alzheimer’s, such as outbursts and aggression while soothing the individual and helping them to relax.

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Decreased Triglyceride Levels

It’s tough to explain the differences between those who own dogs and those who don’t. But all the same, a few studies have indicated that dog owners experience a slew of health benefits.

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Less sick time

So this sounds counter-intuitive, but the fact that dogs bring germs into the home is beneficial. It exposes us to germs and allows our bodies to come up with ways to combat them. So in truth, it’s tough to see it as a good thing, but in the long term, it helps build your health in a very important way.


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