15 Benefits of Owning a Cat

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Dogs are among the most loved and owned pets and cats come a close second. Kitties are full of character, playful, and independent. You will never have to worry about couch training your cat, although saving furniture from scratches is a task. Cats are certainly affectionate, and here are 15 benefits of owning them.

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Quiet Companionship

Cats are generally quiet animals; thus, having them around as pets can offer you a more serene home. Unlike the bark of dogs, their soft purring is soothing and comforting, adding peace to the environment. Cats are not noisy or disruptive; therefore, they are ideal for homes with children and senior adults.

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Have you ever come across cats grooming themselves? Cats do not need extensive bathing since they will lick and clean themselves. In fact, cat mothers lick and clean their babies as well, making them easy to care for as pets. Their self-cleaning, independent nature means less hands-on attention compared to more demanding pets.

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If you ever bring a cat home, rest assured about being her guardian. Why? Cats will be there for you to help, but they are quite independent in return. They will clean themselves, entertain around, and hunt their food without your constant supervision. Cats are suitable pets for those with a busy and less flexible routine.

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Stress Reduction

Researchers suggest that interacting with cats releases oxytocin, a hormone that lowers stress. Have a session of meowing with your cat, pet them, or play a ball game to promote happiness. Even petting a cat releases endorphins, thus relaxing the mind. Some claims even suggest that cats generally make a purring sound that calms the nervous system.

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Emotional Support

Do you know cats are intuitive? Yes, cats can sense whenever you are sad or worried and thus are always ready to comfort you. Although cats are not very cuddly, they form a sense of connection and companionship with their owners. Owning them is beneficial for reducing loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and depression.

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Pest Control

Who does not know about the cat and rat race? And have you seen those videos where cats sit to attack lizards on the wall? Yes, cats are natural hunters; owning one can make your home pest-free. They will even hunt for those pests that you might not know of being around.

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Allergy Prevention

Although cats are believed to cause allergies, the reality is far behind. Early exposure to cats can help prevent allergies, especially breathing allergies in children. Kids who live with cats since birth develop a strong immune system. In fact, they are most unlikely to develop any kind of allergy in the future.

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Diverse Personalities

Cats are full of personalities, diverse and unique. You will come across cats who are playful, energetic, calm, and reserved at the same time. Due to different variations in their personalities, cats can adjust to different lifestyles. They, in fact, make a great companion, even for beginner pet keepers.

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Mood Enhancement

Cats, in general, are playful and entertaining. Their behavioral antics can lift your spirits and bring joy to your daily life. From morning to evening, they will keep the house on a laughter spree. Whether you spot your cat chasing her own tail, climbing a tree, or getting amused by a butterfly, they are always doing something fun.

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Natural Alarms

Cats are living cameras; they have heightened senses and are always alert, naturally. One of the benefits of owning a cat as a house pet is having an excellent early warning system. Cats will react to unfamiliar sounds or movements, alerting you to potential dangers. Have a pet around and enjoy a layer of added security.

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Improved Sleep

One of the lesser-known benefits of owning a cat is improved sleep quality. Cats produce a rhythmic purring sound that is said to have a calming effect on the brain. It can reduce stress and promote relaxation, thus improving your overall sleep quality. Studies suggest that cats promote better sleep for their owners, besides sleeping themselves the whole day.

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Space Efficiency

Unlike many pets, particularly dogs, cats do not need a lot of space. These house pets are suitable for apartments and smaller homes. Cats, in fact, do not ask for a separate sleeping space and will take the center of your living room. Their independent nature makes them adaptable to various living environments.

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No Need for Walks

Planning to own a cat? Rest assured, no need for regular morning and evening walks. Unlike dogs, cats do not require regular walks for exercise or business. They are naturally more independent and are born this way. Even for physical activity, let them roam around or offer a ball to play. This trait makes them an excellent choice.

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Cats Mind Their Own Business

Cats are no-nonsense animals. You roam around the house laughing, eating a pack of chips, or doing whatever they won’t bother. Unlike how dogs want every other thing you eat, cats have self-sufficient behavior and thus are suitable for those who appreciate having a pet that can mind its own business.

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Long Lifespan

And, not to forget, cats live long, like really long, perhaps 12 to 18 years. They have a longer lifespan compared to some other pets. In fact, indoor cats who are well cared for can touch or cross the mark of 20 years. This longer companionship leads to a deep and lasting bond.


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